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What to Do If You Get Perma Banned // Chapter 004


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What to Do If You Get Perma Banned // Chapter 004


  1. You need to validate that you are actually perma banned. Some exploit warnings and temp bans issue perma ban messages in-game, but the account isn't actually perma banned. Go here, login to your Activision account, & see what your actual account status is. If it says you are perma banned, wait 24 hours to see if the status changes & then see if you can appeal. If not of that works, you are perma banned.
  2. Being perma banned once does not mean you are HWID banned. Usually it takes 2 or more perma bans for you to be HWID banned from the game. So, if that was your first perma ban, you should test if you are HWID banned. To conduct this test, make a new account in accordance with this guide. Do not buy an account, make your own with a proper email and SMS service (30 day rental or more) to validate it. Download Warzone for free on the account, then play legitimately with no cheats or tools at all. You should get shadow banned after a few games. Even if you are not HWID banned, you will get shadow banned if you are on a new account after a perma ban. If the shadow ban lifts, you are not HWID banned. If it turns into a perma ban, you are.
  3. If you are not HWID banned based on the test above, please use the new account to closet cheat. Follow this guide to avoid a shadow ban and this guide if you do get shadow banned again.
  4. If you are HWID banned based on the test above, please follow this guide.
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