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Privacy Policy

1. We take immense measures to protect our privacy as well as our users privacy.

2. We are the sole handlers of the information you submit on our services. We do no share or sell your information. This includes information we grab from you, such as your IP address or your device identifiers. We grab your IP address and device identifiers for the sole purpose of validating that the same individual as usual is likely using the service, rather than sharing it with others which is against our terms.

3. We do not ask for your full name upon registering, only a username. As we only sell virtual products and services, we do not ask for your address.

4. Once the time period in which we would have to defend against a chargeback or dispute has passed, we delete your IP and device data.

5. We will refuse to give third parties with unlawful legal demands any information about the users of our service.

6. We handle your information with care, so please ensure you do as well. Make sure that you are using a locked HTTPS session on our website at all times, and do not post sensitive info of yours on our website.

7. Please see our website footer for more information on how we handle your privacy, your payment methods securely, and overall security such as your logs.

8. To demand that we delete all info we have from you, please Contact Us.

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