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MW3 and Warzone cheat significantly improved! NATIVE CONTROLLER SUPPORT, new humanized aimbot with prediction, FOV/fullbody deadzone, UAV overlay, 4 aimkeys with unique configs, no bone distance limit, performance upgrades, and more! ×
  • Status

    COD MW3 & Warzone Cheat      //     UPDATED & UNDETECTED    //     Cheat Released November 10 2023    //     Last Detection Never

    Counter-Strike 2 Cheat      //     UPDATED & UNDETECTED    //     Cheat Released September 6 2023    //     Last Detection Never

    CS2 DMA Cheat      //     UPDATED & UNDETECTED    //     Cheat Released April 2 2024    //     Last Detection Never

    COD Modern Warfare 2 Cheat      //     UPDATED & UNDETECTED    //     Cheat Released October 28 2022    //     Detection Count: 1 (September 27 2023)

    Overwatch 2 Cheat      //     UPDATED & UNDETECTED    //     Cheat Released June 2 2023    //     Last Detection Never


    Notable Events

    #1 - We were detected on MW2 (September 27 2023) by a driver update. We fixed this detection quickly, improved cheat performance, improved security greatly, and now evaluate any concerning game security changes after updates before updating our cheats and allowing injections. We do not expect this type of detection to ever happen again.

    #2 - We dodged a detection that was targeted at us on April 5 2024. The detection was sent in a silent anti-cheat update, our security system tripped, injections were automatically disabled, and we fixed the detection within minutes. It is entirely possible that no users will receive a ban from this event. We also did not list this detection under our "Status" section because we do not report detections that we dodge. Read more here.


    Feature Detections

    Phantom Overlay has never experienced a feature detection. We never add feature(s) to our cheat(s) which we believe could be vectors for detection. We never write to the game's memory.

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