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How to Avoid Getting Shadow or Game Banned & Look Legit While Cheating // Chapter 002

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How to Avoid Getting Shadow or Game Banned & Look Legit While Cheating // Chapter 002


  1. From the last chapter, reminder to use legitimate looking & security focused cheats with a good record. Avoid targeted things like UAV (detected), unlockers, spoofers if you don't need one, etc.
  2. Put your cheat loader on a USB, spoof if needed, inject your cheat, & remove your USB before you run the game. This is best practice to prevent file scanning. For some spoofers/cheats, you will need to inject the cheat first (locked to your real HWID) and then spoof. However, if you use a spoofer that allows you to spoof the same identifiers as your last spoof, you can spoof first & lock your cheat loader HWID to your spoof. This will enable you to reinject and relaunch the game if the game crashes or if you get an unexpected update requires restart (if you do expect an update requires restart, don't inject before that boot as it will waste your time).
  3. Unbind keys you need for the cheat from the game. For Phantom Overlay, this would be arrow keys (menu and in-game), F4, whatever you plan to use as an aimbot key (unless you want that to also have an in-game function), and whatever your panic key custom key is for the combination. Yes, you can unbind arrow keys so that you don't navigate the COD menu when you're in pre-game lobby and don't drop things when you're in Warzone. This is mostly for streamers but it's also just convenient to do if you aren't streaming so that you aren't doing things in-game that you don't want to do when you are changing your menu around.
  4. Try to avoid browsing cheat websites or having them open when the game is running. You don't need to use a private/incognito browser to access cheat websites unless you are a tournament player, but Ricochet can read what tabs you actively have open if it wants. This is not occurring yet, but we like to be as safe as we can.
  5. With aimbot, do not make your aimbot target heads, even if there are features in your cheat to offset exact point of aim or even randomize it within the same bone. Constantly getting headshots, even if not at the exact same spot, is being watched heavily in COD. Do not think legit looking stats on COD overall will save you. Different types of analysis will catch you & you will turn a UD cheating experience upside down with the way you are playing. Use random targeting specifically with neck and chest. If you use a Phantom Overlay COD cheat, you can use the random target bone with 0% or a low % head shot chance.
  6. Do not bind your aimbot key with a key that has a function in the game. This is optional but it's something a lot of users don't consider. If you bind your aimbot key to mouse 1 (shoot key) or mouse 2 (ADS key), then you have a situation where if you want to aim or shoot, you are forced to active aimbot. It is nice to be able to activate aimbot separately such as with your thumb mouse button. The reason for this is so that you can tap the aim key during sprays, not use aimbot for every kill, and get better use out of non-automatic weapons. You also avoid accidentally activating aimbot when you shouldn't be activating it. You overall have more control & look more legitimate with an aim key like thumb mouse.
  7. Use low FOV. The more aim you do yourself, the better. With low FOV you have more natural aiming involved and you also avoid unlegit looking snaps or accidental targeting.
  8. Use high smoothing & general legit looking aimbot settings. This is a generalized tutorial so generally speaking, low smoothing means your aimbot will be more snappy & less legit looking when it's targeting the selected enemy bone. This might also play into tracking which is another way you can get into big trouble. You generally want to have low FOV so that you do most of the work with natural aim, then you want to tap your aim key periodically while spraying or right before you fire semi auto shots. During this process, you want your targeting of the enemy to be natural looking & tracking should also not occur in an artificial looking way. Try recording yourself killing enemies then reply the recording in slow motion & see if you can tell when your aimbot key is pressed. Tapping the aimbot key during sprays also helps in reducing the constant tracking of enemies which looks more legit. Tapping during sprays is very hard to master so it's okay to hold it during sprays but not use aimbot for all kills.

    Phantom Overlay COD cheats all have the same aimbot & here are the recommended settings:
    FOV 4
    Time to Target 800
    Smoothness 18
    Stickiness 1
    Target Bone Random
    HS % 0

  9. Turn aimbot off completely. Aimbot is the most likely way you will be shadow or perm banned from COD if you are using a undetected cheat with high security & good removal of detection vectors like PO. Following the rest of this chapter regarding ESP & radar & cheat practices with aimbot off might be the best way for you to go. If you are a streamer, turning aimbot off is really the only way for you to go. Here is a detailed guide with settings suggestions that I wrote for Warzone on Telegram.
  10. Remind yourself that COD is a killcam based game & devs do review gameplay & reports do matter. Additionally you will be spectated in Warzone. You are not god just because manual reports don't seem to merit fast results. This is a game based around kill cams & reported players do have gameplay reviewed among other things. You will even get shadow banned if you are reported enough without a review needing to be done. Ricochet is getting stronger & it's absolutely time for you to remove tracking down enemies one by one, always winning every game, dropping 15+ bombs every game, looking through walls, prefiring/preaiming, not checking empty corners/angles, only holding angles where an enemy is about to peak, & other unlegitimate looking tactics from your playstyle. Your spectators in Warzone are going to keep reporting you until you have a shadow ban timeout for a few days (or longer) from the game.
  11. Have good crosshair placement. Play some legit CS:GO or Valorant if you have to. Good FPS players don't watch the floor as they run around. Have your crosshair at around neck level as you move. The idea is to have less space to move from where your crosshair is to your enemies stupid neck. It's time for you to practice and look like a real skilled player, not a noob who had some money for a cheat.
  12. Work on your movement. COD players who have more than 10 hours will be able to tell if you've been cheating your entire COD career. Movement is learned very early on by legitimate players. Watch streamers and YouTube to see what I mean. There is a very meta way to move around COD maps, peak angles, and operate in general that is hard to explain in one paragraph. Try to pick up on skilled and legitimate looking movement as you go. You need to learn how to slide cancel if you play Warzone.
  13. Work on your positioning, especially in BR. This one is really only for Warzone. Stop hunting players down one by one and borking them. Work on legitimate player positioning. Think about what a vulnerable feeling player would do. use legitimate movement to position yourself in the ways that skilled players do, such as holding locations with angles that give you an advantage over traveling players with your squad instead of one man army sprinting towards and deleting enemies one at a time.
  14. Do not hold angles while in a vulnerable position. When there are 5 entries to the room you are in, & the enemy is likely to use 3 of them based on their side of the map or their current spawn, why are you standing in the MIDDLE of the room like a lost puppy aiming at ONE of the entries? Because you have ESP. Hold a general angle on all likely entries with all entries as possibilities and "react" accordingly. If you have a PO COD cheat, you should consider using visible only ESP with a delay from 5-10.
  15. Do not track players through walls or check for player's positions through walls using ESP. Your awareness should come from your radar instead. Many cheaters think that as long as they don't literally track players through walls be preaiming them, it's fine, but if you are constantly doing a quick 360 to see where enemies are, you're obvious. You should look to your radar for this information & be holding sensible angles in sensible positions, not using your ESP for this. The best combination for PO cheat users is to use visible only ESP with radar because the radar is not affected by the visible only feature.
  16. Check corners & angles even if you know there is no enemy there. Allow yourself to be outplayed often. Even pro players get "unlucky" sometimes. Sometimes you run into a room, maybe sliding, check corner to left but someone was in corner to right. Sometimes you plant the bomb on the side of the bomb site that the last enemy is facing. These are ways to look like a good & legitimate player. There is no such thing as game sense to the level of which cheats provide, so it's important you do not allow your cheat to be your game sense solely. Visible only ESP as a feature really helps with this (which PO has).
  17. Do not react to enemy movements from what you see on ESP so immediately & directly. You should be moving slowly & tactically enough that you aren't setting up & prefiring an angle in a panic but instead are ready early. If you are more mobile as a player, you should be moving in a way consistent with pro player movement. Good crosshair placement, clearing areas, clearing corners, good movement, good positioning. If you are just running around & react to someone about to come through a door as if they already did, you are more obvious than you realize. This is very harmful for example if you have Warzone spectators.
  18. Play periodically without cheats. Ricochet uses heuristic analysis to compare you to yourself, but playing a game or two here and there without cheats will just look like you're having a bad game or two. It's really important to remind yourself what playing without knowing where everyone is feels like so that you remember to move in accordance with that when your cheats are actually on.
  19. Do not call out enemy positions to your teammates when you have no reason to know positions of enemies. That's enough said.
  20. Know how to respond to accusations of hacking in ways that won't get you more reports or don't respond at all. Don't get super defensive or give the idea that you might be cheating more attention. Keep it light & brush it off then evaluate why you got called out & make a correction. If you are a streamer, the same essentially goes here & as a streamer you should not be using aimbot & should be following everything in The COD Cheating Bible religiously.
  21. Do not record your gameplay while showing cheat overlays or admitting to cheating because if that footage gets to the wrong people, even if you blurred your name, they have ways of identifying you & banning you. COD uses a technology that was first used by RIOT in Valorant to identify players by their gameplay if the name is blurred. This is very recent & you will hear more about it soon. If you are going to record or stream, the only person who should see the cheat overlays or know that you are cheating is you.
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