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  • Question: What happens when I purchase?
    : Our system will move you to the Customer group, you will be able to access the Customer Area, where you can access Setup Guides & Tutorials and other support needs. Our system will also add your key(s) to your Software Keys page under your Account tab. This is all automated and happens right away.


    Question: Why should I choose PO?
    : In a market filled with providers that product COD hacks from UnknownCheats public source code, you should pick Phantom Overlay because we love this field, are experts in this field, and do our own work. Unique methods & code are everything when it comes to staying undetected & secure. Everything from Phantom Overlay is made by zebleer using methods and code that are unique & found/written by him. We are also a security obsessed provider. All of this means that Phantom Overlay is likely to never be detected, and so far it hasn't been. If that's not enough, you can also add that Phantom Overlay's aimbot does not inherently cause shadow bans as seen with other providers, PO's COD cheats look more legit gameplay wise, and of course, Phantom Overlay is stream safe on everything game or screen recording wise.


    Question: Do PO cheats support W10 and W11?
    : Yes, both. Including winver 22H2. Older winvers may not be supported, so make sure you update your winver to the latest version. This is best for security anyways.


    Question: I have a spoofer. Will it work with PO?
    : Yes, but only use a spoofer if you need one. Spoofers add extra detection vectors & using one when you don't need one means if it's detected, you will be banned from the game (and maybe really HWID banned) even if you were never HWID banned & PO remained undetected. Usually it takes 2+ game bans to mean a HWID ban. So far only MW1/MW2 (2019/2022) share HWID bans. You can test if you are HWID banned by playing legit on a new account you create on Warzone, which is free. Make sure to make your own account & use a proper SMS setup for verification.


    Question: I tested. I am HWID banned from another provider. I need a spoofer. How does my spoofer work with PO?
    : If you are using a spoofer, make sure that you are latching your loader HWID check & using the loader at the same time. For example with GA spoofer, you would spoof with the same pin every time, spoof, reboot, then use the PO loader on the spoofed identifiers. Since they are the same every time with the same pin, it would work great. You can technically inject the cheat before using a temp spoofer (not recommended), then spoof, then reboot to kill the spoof before you inject again. However, since you may want to inject multiple times on one boot, it would be a lot better to use a temp spoofer that allows you to use the same identifiers on every spoof, in which case you can inject after spoofing as many times as you want given you lock your PO loader HWID to the spoof. You would only need a reset if you had to change your spoof identifiers due to a ban. To get a HWID reset, you can make a ticket.


    Question: What does this feature on the menu do?
    : Every time we add a new feature, it's explained here. You can read past posts or ask in the Telegram group chat. Some common examples are... panic works where you set a custom key that will combo with shift to turn the cheat off quickly, on or off; fix esp enables you to fix your esp if it stops working, it will go on then off then a few seconds later esp should be fixed; high performance esp lowers esp visual quality to increase fps; visual only esp means the enemy esp for boxes/etc will only show when an enemy is visible, which won't affect radar esp; visual only delay configures how long after becoming covered an enemy will not show on esp.


    Question: Do PO cheats require TPM 2.0 and secure boot be off?
    : No. We know what we are doing. You may leave secure boot and TPM 2.0 enabled. Keep your device secure. You may not even need to add PO's loader to an anti-virus exclusion. If you do, it's because our loader protection is seen in a negative light by most anti-viruses since they can't evaluate it. This is commonly seen with cheat loaders.


    Question: Are the cheats all stream proof?
    Answer: Everything we sell is truly stream proof. The overlays occur outside of your game, and no streaming, recording, capturing, or any software or functions will capture your ESP (overlays). This includes Discord game or screen capture, OBS, Gyazo, print screen, loop, you name it.


    Question: Are the cheats undetected? What about Ricochet?
    Answer: Yes. The COD cheats we currently sell have never been detected & we made them when the games and modes launched respectively for our streaming and private users. We have extreme kernel anti-cheat experience (particularly with EAC), so Ricochet has not been and will continue to not be a challenge for us. We plan to watch weak providers continue to get detected and happily welcome their users.


    Question: Are you going to shut down over a C&D or lawsuit?
    Answer: No. They will never find us in the first place. It's clear that we are the only provider here who understands true privacy online. Plus, we are doing nothing wrong.


    Question: How good is the support I will receive?
    Answer: Good. The best way for anyone to receive support directly from us is to create a support ticket. Non-customers may also create support tickets as long as they register an account. If you are not registered & do not wish to register until you speak with us, you may use the Contact Us option.


    Question: I got linked to a Phantom Overlay Discord account and/or server. Is this legit?
    Answer: No. We don't touch Discord. If you got contacted by anyone Phantom Overlay related on Discord, it's an imposter. We have no servers there either, even privately. Stay far away from anyone or anything claiming to be Phantom Overlay related on Discord. Our chatting place is Telegram. You can join our Telegram group chat here.


    Question: I want to buy, but I do not know if I trust to pay with card on this website.
    Answer: You're in luck, as you do not have to input your card details on our website/server. We hope you would be relieved to know that we use a trusted card processor that uses tokenization to take payments on our website. Our card processor is embedded/integrated into our checkout page, and when you enter or save your card details, you are submitting that info in tokenized form to the card processor for processing or storage. We do not see your sensitive card info, and it never touches our servers, even when you store it with your account.


    Question: I do not have a card to pay with. Do you accept other payment methods?
    Answer: Even if you do not have a credit or debit card, you can use a prepaid card paid for with cash or other methods from a store. You also may have a friend or family member checkout for you, but be sure to gain their consent if you plan to save the card for renewals or future purchases. If none of these options work and you want to pay a different way, create a Support Ticket and tell us how you want to pay. We can possibly accept your payment method manually and then manually add your product to your account. We do plan on accepting BTC in the near future for automated checkout once Blockchain gives us an API key.

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