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What to Do If You Get Shadow Banned // Chapter 003

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What to Do If You Get Shadow Banned // Chapter 003


  1. You need to know how shadow bans work. Shadow bans are tied to your HWID sometimes, but always your account. This means that you can't change your HWID to get a shadow ban off your account. If your account is shadow banned, you either wait until it lifts or turns perma, or you can just move on if you don't care about the account. Shadow bans essentially are a flag for review. When shadow banned, you will get high ping or maybe your bullets won't do anything to enemies or enemies will disappear as you fight them. The high ping no legitimate player matches found is the traditional shadow ban, but I consider the Ricochet trolls as shadow bans too. Shadow bans either lift and completely go away or turn into permanent game bans. DUN DUN DUN... keep reading nerd.
  2. You need to realistically assess what likely caused your shadow ban. What likely caused your shadow ban is everything and will tell us what you need to do.

    If you believe you got shadow banned because you purchased an account or made an account in violation of chapter 1, then it is likely that you can attempt to make a new account properly in accordance with chapter 1 & be fine right away. Stop buying accounts and make your own and you will be fine. That purchased account is probably a goner but you can wait to see if the shadow ban lifts if you want.

    If you believe you got shadow banned because of the way in which you were cheating, violating chapter 2, then you need to first look to the cheating software you were using & the reports of others using the same cheating software. If you believe your cheat is a non-rage cheat, is fully undetected, & you witness that others using the same cheat software are not reporting the same experience, then you can look to your own usage or behavior & consider the shadow ban a result of your violation of chapter 2. In this situation, you can assume that the shadow ban will lift, and you should probably just wait it out. However, if you are using a rage cheat, especially if you see reports from others who are using the same cheat of shadow bans or perma bans, you might give yourself a break from blame & consider the cheat software might be too rage-like in nature to avoid shadow bans properly. Let me give you an example. Silent aim is still possible and many rage cheats have it, but it's literally impossible to use silent aim without getting banned. See what I am saying now? In that situation, you can probably assume that shadow ban will tern perma, but you can wait it out if you want. It really depends on the account's value to you.

    If you believe you got shadow banned because your true HWID is HWID banned, and perhaps measures you have taken to circumvent that HWID ban did not work, you should first consider if you want to wait out the shadow ban regardless, or if you want to follow chapter 005 and move forward. HWID bans are apparent when any new account you make, even if you are playing legit, is getting shadow banned within about 30 minutes. These shadow bans, if you are HWID banned, will turn perma. Chapter 5 is your friend for your options.

    If you believe you got shadow banned from some other reason, not mentioned here, you should use your own judgement on if you want to wait out the shadow ban & hope for the best, or if you want to follow chapter 5 & move on.
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