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What to Do if You Are HWID Banned or Want a Fresh Start // Chapter 005


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What to Do if You Are HWID Banned or Want a Fresh Start // Chapter 005


  1. You should not be here unless you have already tested that you are HWID banned. One perma ban does not mean you are HWID banned. Usually a HWID ban comes if you are perma banned 2 or more times. So, if that was your first perma ban, you should test if you are HWID banned. To conduct this test, make a new account in accordance with this guide. Do not buy an account, make your own with a proper email and SMS service to validate it. Download Warzone 2.0 on the account, then play legitimately with no cheats or tools at all. You should get shadow banned after a few games. Even if you are not HWID banned, you will get shadow banned if you are on a new account after a perma ban. If the shadow ban lifts, you are not HWID banned. If it turns into a perma ban, you are.
  2. If you have confirmed you are HWID banned, then you need to either use a spoofer or replace parts to remove your HWID ban before you create a new account (when you do eventually create a new account afterwards, make sure to follow this guide).
  3. If you want to use a spoofer, you can consider the following options... GhostAim is the best temp spoofer. Temp spoofers have more options than perma spoofers so they can be more reliable. GhostAim's cheat has had detection issues, but their spoofer has the best temp spoofer record in the market right now. INFINITE's temp spoofer is also great. If you must use a perma spoofer, you can use SyncTop's perma spoofer. They will help you get it setup. One benefit of GA's spoofer is that you don't need to RAID0 two of your drives, which with Sync you often do. There is nothing wrong with RAID0ing your drives, but it's work. Also, GA being a temp spoofer does give it some more options (spoofing things that always reset on restart). Additionally, there are other options such as replacing your motherboard & either replacing your drive(s) or RAID0ing two drives. Right now Ricochet grabs motherboard, drive & OS related identifiers. They also leave a few trace marker files. Replacing your motherboard, handling your drives, & reinstalling your OS will fix all of the above. When I say "handling your drives" I mean either replacing them or RAID0ing two and disconnecting any others. RAID0ing your drives means that the anti-cheat can only grab info on your RAID volume, which will be brand new every OS install because you will delete/create a new one, not your actual drives. Lastly, you can try an "unban service" such as Sickk who offers a service where he burns new serials on your hardware & has you reinstall your OS. Sickk's service comes with risk just like any spoofing would. If the anti-cheat is using identifiers that the service doesn't change, you will get in trouble there. There is no best option. I personally use GA's spoofer for my HWID banned device.
  4. Once you've handled your HWID ban, make a new account. Make sure to use this guide to make the account. Put Warzone 2.0 on the account & do the HWID ban test again. Play legit for awhile, see if you get SB. If you do, & it lifts, you are not HWID banned anymore. Congrats! Use this guide to avoid shadow ban and follow this guide if you get a SB.
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