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MW3 and Warzone cheat significantly improved! NATIVE CONTROLLER SUPPORT, new humanized aimbot with prediction, FOV/fullbody deadzone, UAV overlay, 4 aimkeys with unique configs, no bone distance limit, performance upgrades, and more! ×


1. You are only allowed to register and use one account on our website. If you lose access to your account, please use the forgot password option at sign in or click Contact Us at the bottom of the page. You are not allowed to create a second account for yourself.

2. You are responsible for what is posted on your account as well as its security.

3. You are not allowed to share access of our services with others including: access to your account, access to your loader keys, access to private sub-services such as private Telegram groups, etc.

4. You may only post English in our services.

5. Do not advertise any other product, service, commercial entity, seller, shop, marketplace, or anything that could lead customers from our website into purchasing from another source.

6. Do not flame staff or other members or customers needlessly.

7. Do not sign up or use our website with the intention to harm us through DDOS, bots, slander, or in any other way that would harm our business.

8. We do not guarantee that our software will always work for you flawlessly and exactly how you want it to. If you are having a problem, please make a ticket for a solution or refund.

9. If you violate a third party's agreement somehow using our services, are caught, and suffer consequences, we are not liable.

10. We might sell lifetime access to our software. Lifetime means the lifetime of our software not your biological lifetime.

11. You may not use someone else's payment method on our website without consent from that individual for the amount, website transaction URL, and product. Otherwise, you may only use your own payment method.

12. If you dispute or chargeback your payment, or one of your payments, we reserve the right to disable your account to our services without further refunds, including services you did not dispute or chargeback. You should request a refund in a ticket instead.

13. To request a refund, use the Contact Us option at the bottom of the page or create a ticket while you are signed in.

14. You may live stream usage of our products or record your usage as you please, but if you violate third party terms by doing this, we are not liable for your consequences from them.

15. We are not liable if you post content of our services with identifying info about yourself such as your in-game name and receive potential third party consequences.

16. Do not try to hack, crack, debug, reverse engineer, analyze, or gain unauthorized access to our website or loader.

17. You may not use our services to violate the terms or agreements of other parties. We have done no work to ensure that our services do not violate agreements of third parties nor do we personally register or use third party game services. We use connections to gather data for us that we then use to create and update our services. It is your job to ensure that third party agreements are not violated and you are liable if they are.

18. We are not liable for what you use our site to post and we reserve the right to delete content for any reason, and we will delete your content if it violates any laws of any country that we are aware of. If you find that someone is using our website to post illegal content, please Contact Us from the bottom of our page.

19. We will not ask you for your ID or other sensitive info ever. We know how to handle security without that need.

20. Legal contact must be made through our Contact Us option at the bottom of our page. If you are reporting abuse or making demands, you must use that option, otherwise we won't reply.

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