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Make Your Own Account, Do Not Buy One // Chapter 001


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Make Your Own Account, Do Not Buy One // Chapter 001


  1. Do not purchase accounts at all. Always make your own accounts. Vendors that sell accounts of any kind usually use very basic bots on infrastructure with limited identifiers (a few different IPs and HWID identifiers). As a result, ban waves will often cover stocks sold for cheap by account sellers. This includes vendors who sell advanced options such as COD accounts with rank, stats, & unlocks... but also includes simple vendors only selling simple SMS verified accounts or accounts that own a copy of the game. If the accounts are not banned, they will at least be flagged, & the constant shadow bans will drive you insane. Account sellers also sometimes run intentional scams where they chargeback purchases on the account after the sale or sell you an account that has a delayed perma ban coming to it.
  2. If you are HWID banned, spoof before you make a new account. You can find out how to test if you are HWID banned and information on how we recommend you undo your HWID ban (through spoofing) here.
  3. Do not use a VPN to obtain a cheaper copy of the game. Activision has been trying to prevent players from using a VPN to purchase the game from a region where the price conversion is lower. If they catch you doing this, they will punish you. Just buy the game for your region. Using PO, you should be able to keep the same account very long term, so the extra money is worth it. Also, if they decide to ban you or prevent your access for doing this purchase bypass, you are losing more money in the end anyways.
  4. Use a real non-open inbox or temporary email provider to make your new account. Use something like Gmail or Yahoo. Something real and reputable. Something that doesn't scream "I am a cheater, mass making accounts, or spamming. Focus on me!"
  5. Use an SMS provider that has real SIM cards and allows long term rentals. Accounts verified using cheap non-SIM based codes or that offer temp codes are not adequate for cheating long term. Use a provider such as SMSPVA (non-US) or phoneblur (US). Both allow long term rentals of phone numbers that have real SIM cards behind them. This will allow you to get follow up codes if Activision asks for them. Long term rentals can be expensive, so you are more than welcome to just rent one for one month. If you need a follow up code after that, get another one month rental & tell Activision support that your number changed. We recommend you rent a number for at least 30 days.
  6. Be cautious of your payment methods used if you are a known cheater to Activision. Using the same card to buy the games on a new account if your last account was HWID banned or you disputed is a risky move. Currently, we are not aware of Activision banning anyone based on payment method, but they can, especially if it's on their own launcher (BNET). It may be good to use a prepaid card for the purchase if your card is known to them.
  7. Do not use cheats that have a frequent detection history & know that any detection history in COD is not a good sign. So far, COD has not impressed us too much with their anti-cheat efforts. If any provider has been hit with multiple/frequent detections, you should be worried about using them. Use a provider like Phantom Overlay if you want a long term cheating experience.
  8. Do not use cheats that have rage/risky features. Raging is becoming a thing of the past. Unlocks, UAV, silent aim, strong aimbots, etc are all causing shadow ban loops, perma bans, & HWID bans. Avoid these providers that do not understand that getting away with raging in COD is over. Cheating is more fun when you get away with it. You will not get away with raging. Use a security focused provider, make one account, and think long term.
  9. New accounts start with a low trust score & can easily be shadow banned. They might even have a kill limit. Follow this guide to avoid a shadow ban on your new account & this guide if you get shadowed.
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