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CS2 game has officially launched! PO cheat for CS2 has been updated & vis checks have been added!


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CS2 is officially released & the cheat is updated/ready to go
Enjoy the vis checks and other tweaks


⚠️ If your ESP seems slightly to the right (e.g. your FOV and enemy skeletons seem like they are to the right of where they should be), simply go to Settings menu -> Video -> Video -> Reset Defaults (bottom right) -> Reset -> Apply Changes (bottom right)
It will be fixed after that

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Explaining CS2 vis checks

1. The first and second enemies color in visuals tab are your two colors for visual checks on ESP

2. To have visual checks on aimbot you must turn aim at occluded off in AIM tab

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Much more features from this thread explain what I've added since launch: https://www.phantomoverlay.io/forums/topic/2615-cs2-cheat-big-improvements-and-fixes/

- Added visible check
- Added standlone (static) RCS with strength modifer
- Added visible check option dedicated to triggerbot to enable faster triggerbot reaction without compromising aim vis check
- Added held check for aimbot so that aimbot won't activate when holding health shot, knife, throwable, or C4
- Improved vis check speed
- Added damage animation to health & armor bars, also added animation that shows decrements of health next to enemies as you damage them
- Added bomb carrier ESP
- Added snapline ESP
- Added weapon config window, you can press tab to open the window and each tab within the window is a unique config set for each weapon type
- Added visible only ESP option

Thanks to all of you that understood CS2 is a new cheat and wouldn't be perfect at launch. It was amusing watching the comments on third party forums about my cheat when it first came out. Some people shit on it for not having every little feature and having a few bugs. We are less than one week after CS2 launch, & I think you can all tell that PO CS2 is going to be something special. All of the closet cheating features you want, all of the security of PO...

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