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Warzone question



Hey, i'm new to the cheating scene and had a few quick questions before I purchased your warzone cheats. 
Question 1) How high are the ban rates?
Question 2) Are you more likely to get banned the more you abuse the cheats. For example, using obvious aimbot compared to just using radar or walls. 
Question 3) Do the bans come in waves or are they given out indiviudally.
Question 4) If I am able to hide the cheats well (Not abuse them), do I have a high chance of not getting banned?

Question 5) I read that your bans have always been undetected - Knowing this, how does Activision catch you for cheating?


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1) If you play legit and don't act weird with esp etc, you chance of getting banned are at 99.99%.
2) If you play with an obv aimbot, you gonna get obv banned but if set it smooth, you will never get banned.
3) Bans come indiviudally.
4) No if you are hiding the cheat well! (even if you do some mistakes like me sometimes you gonna just get shadow banned and get unbanned after 2days because activision can't ban you for being lucky).
5) [Can't answer i'm not a Admin/Mod/Owner]

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