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How to Avoid Getting Shadow Banned & Look Legit While Cheating // Chapter 002

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How to Avoid Getting Shadow Banned & Look Legit While Cheating // Chapter 002


  1. Put your cheat loader on a USB & never have your USB plugged in when the game is running. Doing this prevents the anti-cheat for scanning for your cheat loader. The order you'd setup your cheating session in is this: make sure all games are closed -> insert USB -> inject cheat -> remove USB -> launch game. If your game crashes/closes but you want to keep cheating, you repeat those steps.
  2. Leave no copies of your loader on your PC. Make sure you delete all copies of your loader from your Downloads folder, Recycle Bin, or anywhere else on your PC. The only copy should be on your USB. If you are smart, you should set your browser settings to ask you where to download files before they are downloaded, & then you can set your loader files to just download straight to your USB directly in the future.
  3. Reboot PC when done cheating. When you are done cheating & close out COD, reboot your PC. This will ensure nothing is lingering as you play other games. This also applies if you inject your cheat & then decide you just want to play another game instead. Reboot your PC first! This will prevent issues in other games, not COD. Still relevant.
  4. Do not have any cheating websites open in your browser when your game is running. Ricochet can iterate through your open browser tabs, reading the names of each. If you have any cheating websites or forums open while the game is running, you may be flagged.
  5. Clear your browser history for any browsers you visited cheating sites on & use incognito in the future & make sure to clear all browsing data all time including cookies/cache/history/everything. Ricochet can now iterate through your visited websites. Only use incognito to visit websites related to cheating while the game is closed. Save your passwords to these websites somewhere safe outside of the browser.
  6. Do not have cheating Discords/Telegrams open while your game is running. To be extra safe, in Telegram settings, go to Telegram Settings -> Advanced -> then under "Windows title bar" uncheck every option.
  7. Use 7 as your menu key and use the new PO clickable menu. If Ricochet gets desperate, they will try to log our primary menu key F4. This is going to cause them to see a lot of false positives since all of our menu keys are used by legit players often as well, but using the alternate menu key, 7, will set you apart from that vector. In addition, if they are looking for people setting up menu options with arrow keys, but using our menu with your mouse, you will bypass that.
  8. With aimbot, do not make your aimbot target heads. Constantly getting headshots, even if not at the exact same spot, is being watched by the server side anti-cheat. If you are using PO, use either closest to crosshair or random with a 0-5% hs chance for your aimbot target bone. If your crosshair placement is too good & you keep getting headshots, change to neck, chest, or random with a 0-5% hs chance.
  9. Use recommended aimbot settings if you use aimbot.

    Phantom Overlay COD cheats all have the same aimbot & here are the recommended settings:

    Hotkey Any, Tested Mouse 1 (Shoot Key) Since I Only Use Full Auto Guns (For Semi Auto Best to Use Something Else)
    FOV 1-3 (Lower = Better)
    Time to Target 400-600 (Doesn't Matter Too Much, Stay in Range Given)
    Smoothness 17-20 (Higher = Better)
    Stickiness 0-2 (Lower = Better)
    Target Bone Random or Closest (Either Can Look Legit)
    HS % 0-5 (If Random)
    DPI Any, Tested 400-1500 with These Settings

    Aimbot Settings Explained

    Aimbot toggle is if the aimbot will be on or off.

    Hotkey is what key will be pressed to activate the aimbot.

    FOV is the size of the circle around your crosshair. When you press your aimbot key, the closest enemy within this circle will be targetted by your aimbot. FOV being lower allows you to look more legit because you will do most of the aiming naturally yourself. Even with a low FOV, your aimbot will help you make minor adjustments for accuracy and will assist in tracking the enemy. It will also help slightly with recoil. FOV should never be above 4.

    TTT/Time to Target is how many milliseconds the aimbot will wait to target until after you press the aimkey. This is useful because sometimes legit players don't immediately lock & track enemies. Sometimes you want there to be a delay, especially when they are coming out from cover. Usually 400-800 looks legitimate. The lower end of that range is usually more realistic since human reaction time is pretty fast, but never use below 400.

    Smoothness is the humanizaton algorithm when locking onto and tracking enemies. The higher this is, the more human your aim will look. This should always be at 17 or above.

    Stickiness is how sticky your aim will be when tracking the enemy after the lock on. This should not be at or above 2 to look legit because it is not natural to track and lock to an enemy so aggressively. In fact, sticky 0 or 1 is what I personally recommend because that will look much more natural.

    Target bone is where your aimbot targets on the enemy. Closest is closest to crosshair and will target the closest bone on your enemy to your crosshair. This is good for head-glitching enemies, but if you have good crosshair placement you will just become a headshot demon so it may look more legit to do random with a 0-5% hs & chance.

    Visible check means the aimbot will only target visible enemies. This should always be on.

    Track covered players means the aimbot will keep locked onto enemies who are targeted and go behind cover. This does not look legit & this setting should be off.

    Bullet prediction means the aimbot will try to account for movement and bullet drop when targeting far away enemies. This is OK to turn on.

  10. Do not use aimbot for every kill or turn aimbot off completely. The server side watches stats that are generally just higher when using aimbot. It's best to even out your gameplay & stats by not using it always or not at all. Legit players do not get as many headshots as cheaters. Legit players do not have as high of accuracy as cheaters. Help make your stats look more legit to the server side. PO can't do that for you.
  11. Do not go for nukes & let yourself lose in ranked. I swear that ranked matchmaking & nukes are just cheater traps. If the game feels like you are playing too good, it will place you against a team of cheaters. If you turn up your settings & win that game, you will get popped. You need to allow yourself to lose the game if you feel like the only way to win is by being blatant. As for nukes, no legitimate player can "go for a nuke" and get it reliably. I would not go for them at all.
  12. ESP is more likely to get you caught than aimbot. Get that into your head. Please review the below ESP guidelines & take them just as seriously as you do the aimbot ones.
  13. Do not preaim/prefire. Do not track enemies through cover right before they are visible. Record yourself playing & you might notice that you do this without realizing it. I have had "I got SB using ESP only w0w PO DETEK" customers stream a game for me many times & all but a few did this without realizing it until I pointed it out. Regardless if you are pushing the enemy or they are pushing you, a lot of you aim at them through the wall and track them as they become visible then immediately prefire/instantly laser them upon them becoming visible. This is not legitimate looking at all. They will watch that killcam & report you. To give a legitimate looking example, let's say you are in a house & an enemy is pushing you. Make sure you actually hear their footsteps, hold an angle at the doorway & not through the wall, wait for them to peak, then react by shooting them. If you are pushing someone, use good movement pushing in, check all corners/locations, kill them when you find them.
  14. Have good crosshair placement. Good FPS players have their crosshair around enemy chest/head height at all times relative to the ground they are checking. If you run around with your crosshair on the floor, then you are going to have to raise your FOV & have unlegit snaps when you come across enemies.
  15. Work on your movement. If you shoot like a god but move like a retarded walrus, you're going to be sus. You should be moving & looting at a high level too if you are going to get kills like you are at a high level. Learn about the game & what better player's gameplay looks like.
  16. Keep moving & checking for enemies even if you know no one is there. Nothing screams "I'm a cheater" quite as loud as confidentially standing or running in an area without checking anywhere around you for enemies. Yes, I know. On your ESP you see no enemies are nearby. I do not care. You aren't supposed to know that. You can't just run by 5 buildings without looking anywhere & then just blast into a room & kill 2 enemies. You have to check all corners, hills, etc. Clear rooms you know are empty. In BR, if you are looting in an open area, move around & check around a lot even if you know you're alone.
  17. Do not hunt enemies down one by one, especially in BR. Why are you running past 5 houses & 2 farms without even looking right or left then blasting into a set of doors, prefiring at an enemy, deleting them, then repeating those steps only to cry when you are SB? Of course you got SB. Legit players are always checking corners, houses, rooms, left, right, up, down, behind them. You need to do the same. Move with the gas, check all angles, check all locations, go slowly, only shoot at enemies you clearly "discover".
  18. Use visible only ESP with radar if you can't help yourself but to be an idiot with ESP. Visible only ESP means that you will only see ESP on enemies that are visible to you in-game. What's the point? Well it makes them more distinguished but the main point is to use the feature with radar, which shows all enemies including non-visible ones. By watching your radar, you will get the general idea of where enemies are without being able to actually look at them through walls. This will set you up to play in a more legit looking way. The visible only delay is how long after an enemy you've seen becomes covered will you still see their ESP. This is good for getting an exact idea of where they went, but please do not wall bang them. Feel free to use aimbot with a legit config as well. If you want your radar to perfectly overlay your in-game one, please see this config guide.
  19. Do not track players through walls or check for player's positions through walls using ESP. Your awareness should come from your radar instead. Many cheaters think that as long as they don't literally track players through walls be preaiming them, it's fine, but if you are constantly doing a quick 360 to see where enemies are, you're obvious unless you're in a wide open area. You should look to your radar for this information & be holding sensible angles in sensible positions, not using your ESP for this.
  20. Allow yourself to lose if the enemy is too good for you to beat while looking legit, or if they are cheating. We've all been there, especially in ranked. You get to that point where you just realize you are going to have to crank up that aimbot & go blatant to beat this team. Do not do that. They will all report you, clip you, & get you SB. If you are unlucky you will get a perma if your gameplay is reviewed by someone who can issue bans. It's not worth it. Report the enemy team if needed, say something salty in chat, then let it happen knowing they will probably get shadow banned & you won't. How many times have you seen a streamer/pro player get shit on? It does happen. They bitch about it, let the game play out, then get right back in. That's better than getting banned for letting your ego win.
  21. The more aggressive you cheat, the more challenging your matches will be, which means you have to cheat harder. Avoid this loop. If you cheat hard to win every game, the game will give you games you're not supposed to be able to win. If you win those, you are just going to be in a spot where you have to blatantly cheat to win your games. Avoid this loop. Allow yourself to lose, don't crank your settings up, don't cheat aggressively, do not try hard in cheater lobbies. Think long term.
  22. Play periodically without cheats. Ricochet uses complex analysis to compare you to yourself, but playing a game or two here and there without cheats will just look like you're having a bad game or two. It's really important to remind yourself what playing without knowing where everyone is feels like so that you remember to move in accordance with that when your cheats are actually on. Your stats will also get evened out so that the server side isn't watching you so closely.
  23. Do not call out enemy positions to your teammates when you have no reason to know positions of enemies. Your teammates appreciate the help, but they will know you're cheating & send a report your way. Maybe they will even tell the enemy team to report you as well. Don't be an idiot.
  24. Don't respond to accusations of cheating. If you get defensive, it just makes you look worse. Ignore them.
  25. Do not record your gameplay while showing cheat overlays or admitting to cheating because there are ways that you can be identified even if you blur your username. If you are recording your gameplay, it should be while you pretend you aren't cheating (e.g. streaming, for a tournament, for a friend who thinks you're legit, etc).
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