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How much storage does the usb flash drive need? Could the software be found in my PC if someone were to look for it even if usb is unplugged? Does the software have to always startup before opening the game? What are the best ways to be sure to never get detected?

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1. The loader size is very small, any size USB will be fine.

2. The anticheat won't find anything on your PC when the USB is unplugged. Certain PC checks can find traces, but nothing that proves you used PO. If you purchase you can make a support ticket and we'll give you more info on that.

3. Yes, you need to inject the cheat first before launching the game.

4. Follow this guide to avoid bans: https://www.phantomoverlay.io/forums/topic/404-how-to-avoid-getting-shadow-banned-look-legit-while-cheating-chapter-002/

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