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Mate, I haven't played in a long time, even before the injection error. Hop on today first time in 2 or 3 months and im Perm Banned on my cod account. Is that normal. So guttered. How is this possible, I have done my du diligence and when using was never caught or shadowed. Now straight perm banned. Someone help please. 

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I just got PB on an account I hadnt used on Wz2. Played til I hit level 50 then injected for the past 4 days. Just hopped on now and its been Perma Banned. Not even a SB. 

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I'm not sure if we discussed this elsewhere, if so not then sorry for the late reply. Your ban was related to our late September/early October detection. You should check to see if you're HWID banned like this:

Make a new account following this guide: https://www.phantomoverlay.io/forums/topic/361-make-your-own-account-do-not-buy-one-chapter-001/

Then play some games on WZ2 without a cheat injected and see if anything happens to your account. If the account gets banned then you're most likely HWID banned.

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