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4 days of game play a month


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It's basically to the point(level 900 account) where I get 4 days of play a month....the rest is waiting out my shadowban. I think it's time to spoof and move on to a new account or stop playing cod lol.


I get 1-2 kills per game and I'm instantly shadow banned. I can play multiple matches of DMZ. The second I do anything other then DMZ i get smoked.


I haven't been using the cheat lately because I basically can't and I still get banned lmao.

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RIP Lizard, sorry to hear.  I have a friend who doesn't cheat, but is in the same shadow ban hell..... he's thinking of making a new account bc hes so frustrated.  seems bad rn for that 

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It's a bad game. I enjoy it the least of any FPS game I play anyways (wz1 was good). Leaving COD is a good thing. I hope more people do the same. Be sure to spam every Activision email you can find even if you don't play the game anymore.

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