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my ping has just started spiking. it use to start at 29ms now it starts 46 to 49 jumps to 121 then sticks at 200ms. and i can connect to Dmz but not to others. 
how do i fix.  I have a !gig connection. and yesterday it worked just fine!

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I have tried everything my ISP said everything is working great. but my ping still jumps from 45, to 121, then to 200. And can not not connect to games. and when it does it takes forever.

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Fika, there are 3 settings only visable delay, font size,  and transparency, what do you set these at. And do i need ESP to be turned  on to use visible only?

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First time i played , this had already happened. I never got a chance to use overlay. My ping was high first time i tried to play a game with overlay?

I followed the guide and used the suggested setting. and followed the way to look legit. when i reset, the update i used was from May 2023, so my system is going to 4 months out of date. My network adapter is out of date so i think that has a lot to do with it.

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Your account is being reviewed to determine a potential violation. Unfortunately, we are unable to inform you when the review process will be complete. You may check back here periodically to see if your status clears, or changes to a temporary or permanent suspension. And i used overlay one time, and had it set exactly as guide describes. So how did this happen. Use one time and get account violation. Thats rediculous!


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