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Shadowban question


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I've been shadow ban for like 1 week 1/2, I've been perma banned before last year, but still playing in shadow lobbies just using radar, my question is if my hwid is flagged? Or is it because it was a fresh account from 0? Should I wait to see if sb lifts? Or spoof? 

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I recommend waiting for the shadow ban to expire. You might be HWID flagged, but that account could still be fine to use. If it gets in a ban shadow ban loop, or if it gets permanently banned then try making one more account following this guide: https://www.phantomoverlay.io/forums/topic/361-make-your-own-account-do-not-buy-one-chapter-001/

If the same thing happens to that account, then you should get set up with a spoofer.

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