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Will my MW2/Warzone Shadow Ban affect Vanguard and Cold War?



i have a shadow ban loop on Warzone.

That is why i want to play vanguard or cold war. Will my warzone shadow ban affect vanguard or cold war?
My account is shadow banned. It has low trust factor. Will this affect my vanguard or cold war? I bought mw?, cold war and vanguard on the same account.

It makes no sense if i am buying vanguard chair and getting banned.

Should I use spoofer, create new account and buy vanguard?

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CoD shares ban info between games, being shadowed on one game will affect your account on the others. You can try making a new account following this guide: https://www.phantomoverlay.io/forums/topic/361-make-your-own-account-do-not-buy-one-chapter-001/

Play a few games on Warzone or Warzone 2 and see if anything happens to the account. If it gets shadowed right away then you can consider using a spoofer with another new account.

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