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Hi all,

Got a few questions as I haven't experienced this before. Please note I am not blaming this on the cheat I am just a little bit confused as to how this keeps happening so fast.


Since purchasing po I have been shadowbanned twice, barely playing and using a very 'legit' setup (playing WZ all I have is ESP to 100m with very high transparancy so I sometimes even miss them as my aim is good enough. It happened the first time last week, account under review for 4 days till yesterday, and now it's happened again. 

The shadowban perse doesn't worry me that much, but today I got kicked midgame which felt a little dodgier than simply getting a shadowban. Has anyone else experienced something similar?

One of the few mistakes I may have made though is, I 'reinjected' the cheat after an update (yesterday) without rebooting, not sure if this is dumb on my part. Other than that I followed all instructions.

Hope someone can help me out here, I'll just sit the ban out again as the account I bought to play on got shadowbanned within the 2nd game of playing lmao


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When the shadow ban ends you should play a few games without the cheat injected. See if your account gets shadowed or not, as it's possible you're in a shadow ban loop. If that's the case you can make a ticket or PM me, I'll help you get it worked out. Otherwise, make sure you're roughly following this guide when you're playing: https://www.phantomoverlay.io/forums/topic/404-how-to-avoid-getting-shadow-or-game-banned-look-legit-while-cheating-chapter-002/

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