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Shadow banned ? how can i tell


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I play Cod WZ and recently I've been getting lobbies with just hackers. I'm assuming i am shadow banned. Supposedly the hack is undetectable but then i saw people saying i should be using a spoofer. I don't know what that is or how to get one or if i can use it after the fact. Anyways any help would be appreciated/

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The cheat isn't undetectable, but it is undetected. That means you can safely inject and use the cheat without getting insta banned. But bans (and especially shadow bans) can still happen due to CoD monitoring the way you play. Suspicious aiming, stats, and play style can all be factors that lead to shadow bans. The current philosophy of the server side anticheat seems to be that any player who is even a little suspicious should be shadow banned in case they're cheating. There are ways to prevent this though. This guide will explain more: https://www.phantomoverlay.io/forums/topic/404-how-to-avoid-getting-shadow-or-game-banned-look-legit-while-cheating-chapter-002/


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If you make it obvious with ESP and sloppy aimbot usage, good players will know you're cheating. After 25 users report you, you will get a 7 day shadow ban. Simple as that. After 7 days you are back in action. Its fairly hard to catch a perm HWID ban unless using detected cheats are rage cheating with impunity. 

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