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  • NOTE: This page is visible without the need to login to your PO account. Feel free to reference it using any device!



    Anticheat Security


    1. Turn off or unplug your DMA board when playing games with anti-cheats that your firmware doesn't support!

    2. Disable virtualization in BIOS on your Game Computer. This BIOS option may be named Virtualization, IOMMU, VT-d, or SVM.

    3. Use a DMA test tool to test your DMA board's connection (speed and throughput). These tools will also tell you if your DMA board has some sort of error. We are making a tool like this for PO, but for now, you can ask your DMA hardware supplier/community what tool they use and you can use that. Find a trusted one without malware.

    4. Sometimes your test tool will tell you something like VMM INIT FAILED. To fix this, you can Shut Down (not Restart) both of your computers, power them back on at the same time. If you continue to have issues, make a ticket on our website -> Support. Usually the test tools in your hardware supplier/community come with guides that explain fixes like this.

    5. Everything you do cheating related must be done on your Cheat Computer. Do not download or do things that the anti-cheat can detect on your Game Computer.

    6. Never open our web browser radar on your Game Computer and tell your friends who use it to use it on a different device (e.g. second computer, tablet, phone).


    XDefiant DMA Guide


    If you are using moonlight/sunshine instead of a fuser, please use any online guide for either. PC must be named "PO" inside moonlight for it to attach to the window. For this guide, I am using a fuser.

    1. Download the latest PO loader (found on this page). Put this loader on your Cheat Computer in a folder. You may need to temporarily disable your anti-virus or browser security when downloading the loader, but you can enable it again once you have downloaded it and done the next step.

    2. Add the loader's folder as an exclusion in your anti-virus.

    3. Search Windows for "Check for updates" and install any available Windows updates for your Cheat Computer. Update your Cheat Computer's drivers (you may use this program called DriverEasy with our premium key FAWJ5-5Y4HJ-HK98H-6PRER-VGGS8 to update all drivers in two clicks). Then, Restart your Cheat Computer to finalize.

    4. Search Windows for "Core isolation" on your Cheat Computer and disable every option on that page (if it exists on your PC). If you get an error that the page doesn't exist, skip this step. If it does exist, I want you to disable "memory integrity" and I want you to also disable any other options that you see on that page. Then, restart your PC to finalize the changes. If a toggle on that page is greyed out, you may need to disable the toggle above it, Restart, then come back to disable it and Restart again.

    5. Run the loader, input your key, and continue.

    6. If you get an error from the loader, try again. If you get the error again, use this page's troubleshooting guide.

    7. Now that your DMA cheat is injected, your main display for your Cheat Computer will become black with a menu on it.

    8. Go to the DMA tab -> and switch which monitor the overlay/menu is showing on if you want to do that. You can also minimize and maximize the overlay/menu window. You can also open windows in front of the overlay. We are big fans of being able to setup your DMA how you want and use your computers easily.

    9. You can close or open the menu on the overlay with F4 or 7. Once the game's process is green on the DMA menu, you can even press these keys from the Game Computer.

    10. Your settings will save in a .json file in your loader folder. You can edit them with Notepad or replace the file with one we give you and do MISC tab -> Reload CFG to load the edited/replaced settings. You can do MISC tab -> Save CFG to save your settings. You can also delete the .json file and reinject the DMA after Exiting it (DMA tab) to start with defaults.

    11. For smooth ESP, raise your DMA tab -> FPS limit to 300. If your cheat FPS counter (bottom left of cheat menu) is tanking, go to DMA tab -> turn ON "Slower Entity Updates" then go to MISC tab -> Save CFG. Enjoy buttery smooth DMA ESP.

    12. If you have a fuser, put your cheat overlay on the same monitor as your game in the DMA tab. Then, on your fuser remote, select to show the monitor for the Cheat Computer, then press "Auto" to overlay the game with your cheat overlay. If your menu has a transparent background, press "-" on the fuser remote until it doesn't. You can press F5 to enable passthrough where, if you are in a menu/paused in game, your Cheat Computer will mimic the inputs of your Game Computer so you can change settings in your menu from your Game Computer. Make sure to press F5 to turn it off before you start playing again.

    13. If you have a KMBOX, go to the KMBOX tab, input the data found on the front of your KMBOX, then connect it. Your KMBOX needs to be connected before you can use aimbot or similar features.

    14. Aimbot and other options are explained on this product's Store page and soon hovering over menu options will explain them as well.




    1. If you get a loader error, try again. If you get an error again, use this page's troubleshooting section.

    2. You do not need a HWID reset to use an external cheat on your Game Computer and DMA cheat on your Cheat Computer. Each PO key has it's own HWID.

    3. If some enemies suddenly stop showing on fuser ESP, please use the DMA tab -> Flush Entities option (hotkey F7 which can be pressed on either Cheat Computer or Game Computer keyboard).

    4. If you seem to lose DMA connection or something odd happens, you can use the DMA tab -> Re-initialize DMA option (hotkey F8 which can be pressed on either Cheat Computer or Game Computer keyboard).

    5. If anything goes wrong, make a ticket.

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