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  • NOTE: This page is visible without the need to login to your PO account. Feel free to reference it using any device!



    Anticheat Security


    1. Make sure that you turn off or unplug your DMA board when you play games with anti-cheats that your firmware doesn't support.

    2. Disable virtualization in BIOS on your Game Computer. This BIOS option may be named Virtualization, IOMMU, VT-d, or SVM.

    3. Use a DMA test tool to test your DMA board's connection (speed and throughput). These tools will also tell you if your DMA board has some sort of error. We are making a tool like this for PO, but for now, you can ask your DMA hardware supplier/community what tool they use and you can use that. Find a trusted one without malware.

    4. Sometimes your test tool will tell you something like VMM INIT FAILED. To fix this, you can Shut Down (not Restart) both of your computers, power them back on. If you continue to have issues, make a ticket on our website -> Support. Usually the test tools in your hardware supplier/community come with guides that explain fixes like this.

    5. Everything you do cheating related must be done on your Cheat Computer. Do not download or do things that the anti-cheat can detect on your Game Computer.


    MW3/Warzone DMA Guide


    If you are using moonlight/sunshine instead of a fuser, please use any online guide for either. PC must be named "PO" inside moonlight for it to attach to the window. For this guide, I am using a fuser.

    1. Download the latest PO loader (found on this page). Only the latest loader supports DMA. Put this loader on your Cheat Computer in a folder. You may need to temporarily disable your anti-virus or browser security when downloading the loader, but you can enable it again once you have downloaded it and done the next step.

    2. Add the loader's folder as an exclusion in your anti-virus.

    3. Search Windows for "Check for updates" and install any available Windows updates for your Cheat Computer. Update your Cheat Computer's GPU driver as well if it has a GPU. You may as well do this for your Game Computer too. Then, Restart both computers to finalize.

    4. Search Windows for "Core isolation" on your Cheat Computer and disable every option on that page (if it exists on your PC). If you get an error that the page doesn't exist, skip this step. If it does exist, I want you to disable "memory integrity" and I also want you to disable any other options that you see on that page. Then, restart your PC to finalize the changes. If a toggle on that page is greyed out, you may need to disable the toggle above it, Restart, then come back to disable it and Restart again.

    5. Run the loader, input your key, and continue.

    6. If you get an error from the loader, try again. If you get the error again, use this page's troubleshooting guide.

    7. The loader might tell you to put it on a USB for anti-cheat security, but you can ignore this because it's in a folder on your Cheat Computer which doesn't run any games. We will disable this error for DMA injections soon.

    8. The injection process will take several seconds. We will improve this injection time later. Luckily for you, you only need to inject the DMA cheat once. Once it's running, you can open and close the game as you please without needing to inject again.

    9. Now that your DMA cheat is injected, your main display for your Cheat Computer will become black with a menu on it.

    10. Go to the DMA tab -> click Minimize which is a button at the bottom.

    11. As you can see, this is how you Minimize out of the cheat overlay in case you need to do other things on your computer.

    12. Now, click the "PO" button in the bottom left of your Cheat Computer desktop to bring the cheat overlay back up

    13. Depending on your setup, you may want to switch which monitor your cheat overlay shows on. Do this by simply going to DMA tab -> Monitor 1 drop down -> select which monitor to use.

    14. You can close or open the menu on the overlay with F4. The 7 key will not work. I recommend you press F4 on your Cheat Computer's keyboard (if you have one for it) instead of the Game Computer's keyboard. However, either will work.

    15. Most settings in your cheat overlay will save and load from the settings labeled .json file created in the folder your loader is in. You can delete this .json file to start over with defaults before an injection.

    16. To save your config, go to Misc tab -> Save CFG. Your config automatically saves to your .json file anytime you open or close the menu (F4) as well. You can also use Reload CFG to read the .json file again if you have been sent a .json file by us or a friend if you wanted to load that instead.

    17. If you have a decent quality Cheat Computer and your speed/throughput with your DMA board/connection decent:
    - Turn DMA tab -> Enable VSync off and put your Target FPS at 200 or 300. Anything slightly above your game FPS is fine. There is no point in your cheat overlay FPS being higher than your game FPS
    - Make your DMA tab -> Entity Update Rate (ms) = 1 which is the fastest update rate. This will make your DMA ESP update every 1 millisecond which is very fast. It will make your ESP smooth
    - You can feel free to use extra/item ESP in your overlay or radar if it's not impacting performance

    18. To use the web browser radar for yourself and/or share it with friends/team:
    - Go to Radar tab -> Start the web browser radar with the button
    - Sending items for the zdar may hurt performance. Test with it on or off
    - Changing your Update Rate/s to something high like 100 may actually cause lag/stutters because the messages will begin to queue... it may be smoother to set it to something like 85. Play around with it
    - Copy the link for zdar and open it/share with friends. You may need to copy it and go to DMA tab -> Minimize so that you can minimize out of the cheat overlay to open a browser or send the link. Just click the "PO" button bottom left when done to open back up the overlay
    - Use the Settings tab in the web browser to target whichever player you want to follow with it
    - Auto rotate will follow where the targeted player is looking when enabled
    - You can also disable Follow Target if you don't want to follow any targets
    - The web browser radar may be hard to use on smaller screens since the options are small. We will fix this soon

    19. To use the normal client radar, you can enable it in the Radar tab -> Enabled and edit settings for it. The zdar below it is the web browser radar, but client radar I am talking about is above that. Click and drag the radar itself around with your Cheat Computer mouse to size it, but remember that the range (how far away it will show enemies) is customizable in the cheat menu only. Again, showing items on radar or any area of the cheat can impact performance.

    20. Go to the VISUAL tab -> edit your ESP settings however you want. To show them over your game:
    - Use the DMA tab -> Monitor selection to move your overlay to the same monitor as you game
    - Press "Auto" or whatever key it is for your fuser to remove the color black (chroma key) from your Cheat Computer's display output so that the ESP is showing directly over the game
    - Use the "-" and "+" buttons on the fuser remote to change the strength of the chroma key. Use "-" until the screen is back again, then press "+" one time so that the game is visible again. This will make it so that you can see your cheat menu clearly when it's open and the ESP will show clearly too
    - Use the F4 key on your Cheat Computer or Game Computer keyboard to open/close your cheat menu. Either will work but you may want to use the Cheat Computer keyboard if you feel the anti-cheat is logging keystrokes

    21. Go to the KMBOX tab -> connect your KMBOX if you have one. The KMBOX B+ and KMBOX NET are both supported. Use either

    22. Your config saving will save your KMBOX details to make it easy to connect in the future... however be advised that you will still have to go to KMBOX tab -> and click Connect each time you use the cheat

    23. Aimbot requires connected KMBOX. Go to AIM tab -> edit your settings however you want. They are self explanatory:

    • Aimbot always on, or linked to hotkey (aimkey), or off
    • Second aimkey available
    • Visible check for aimbot toggle
    • Aim at team toggle
    • Aim at zombies toggle
    • Aim at AI enemies (NPCs) toggle
    • Aim prediction toggle (recently we perfected our external/DMA prediction)
    • Sharper aim toggle (ignores player input during aimkey holds when on)
    • Draw aim marker (draws line between crosshair and target spot)
    • Retarget time customization
    • Time to target customization (time between holding aimkey and being on target/finished. more time when higher)
    • Aim speed (aimbot slower when lower. aimbot faster when higher)
    • Curve (more aimbot curve when higher)
    • FOV (larger FOV when higher. FOV is the area around your crosshair which the aimbot can be active)
    • Deadzone size customization (makes your deadzone within your FOV larger. use this picture for reference)
    • Aim spot customization (head, neck, chest, stomach, closest, progression)
    • Closest = bone closest to crosshair is targeted
    • Progression = bone closest to crosshair is targeted but target bone is moved slowly up to head
    • To deal with headglitchers or look most legit when using automatics, use closest with a larger deadzone

    24. Flickbot requires connected KMBOX. Go to Flick tab -> edit your settings:

    • When on, your aimkey and aimbot settings are used to target enemies and the flickbot will automatically shoot them when you are on target
    • Flickbot toggle
    • Ticks before shot customization (how many ticks after you are on target before shots start, may need to raise if you are shooting early)




    1. If you get a loader error, try again. If you get an error again, use this page's troubleshooting section.

    2. You do not need a HWID reset to use an external cheat on your Game Computer and DMA cheat on your Cheat Computer. Each PO key has it's own HWID.

    3. If some enemies suddenly stop showing on fuser ESP, please use the DMA tab -> Flush Entities option (hotkey F7 which can be pressed on either Cheat Computer or Game Computer keyboard)

    4. If you seem to lose DMA connection or something odd happens, you can use the DMA tab -> Re-initialize DMA option (hotkey F8 which can be pressed on either Cheat Computer or Game Computer keyboard)

    5. If things just aren't working, chances are it's an issue with:
    - The Cheat Computer port you plugged your DMA board into being faulty or the connection not being firm on either end
    - The Game Computer port you plugged your DMA board into being faulty or the connection not being firm on either end
    - You needing to Shut Down (not Restart) your Game and Cheat Computer (cold boot) both, wait few seconds, turn both PSU switches off, wait a few seconds, turn both PSU switches on, turn both on at same time. This is mentioned earlier in the guide
    - Some connection/issue with the DMA board/firmware. Use a test tool as mentioned earlier in the guide to see what's wrong

    6. If the performance of your cheat is bad, use the part of the guide above that goes over "If you have a poor quality Cheat Computer or you have a low speed/throughput with your DMA board/connection"

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