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  • COD MW3 & Warzone Cheat - Config Guide

    If you are a controller user, follow this other guide before coming back to this page

    1. Smooth ESP (no lag), game FPS, and aimbot speed

      Cheat menu MISC -> Framerate -> ensure it's above your game's FPS

      If you have a low spec computer, raising the cheat's Framerate may decrease game FPS. In this case, you can lower the cheat's Framerate slightly

      Higher cheat menu MISC -> Framerate makes ESP smoother and will also make your aimbot faster. Raise AIMBOT -> Smoothness to compensate if you raise MISC -> Framerate
    2. Panic option

      Press SHIFT+END at the same time to turn the entire cheat on or off

      You can customize the second key (replace END with something else) in the cheat's MISC tab
    3. Best performance

      If your game settings -> Display tab -> Display Mode is "Fullscreen Exclusive", make sure that your game settings -> Graphics -> Display tab -> Screen Refresh Rate is set to the maximum value

      If your Display Mode is something else like "Fullscreen Borderless" or "Windowed" right click on your Desktop -> Display Settings -> Advanced display settings -> set monitor refresh rate to maximum

      If you want higher game FPS, try going to game settings -> Graphics -> Quality tab -> then select Graphic Preset -> Minimum, Basic, or Balanced. Additionally, go to game settings -> Graphics -> Display tab -> set V-Sync (Gameplay) to OFF

      You can turn cheat menu MISC -> High Performance ON if you want to lower ESP quality and disable radar directional arrows to try and boost game FPS. Due to our recent optimizations, this is no longer necessary to use in most cases
    4. Config export/import

      We do it the safe way...

      Once you have the menu config you want, go to cheat menu MISC -> Export config

      This will put your entire cheat menu's config in the form of a random string on your clipboard

      Paste the string anywhere you want to save it (e.g. text file, personal Discord, Telegram saved messages). Maybe label the string too (e.g. "ranked")

      When you need to import a config, go copy the string for the config you want and then press the K key on your keyboard. You can even press K while tabbed out of the game. Once you press K, that config will be imported. You can also just use cheat menu MISC -> Import config

      You can export/import infinite configs. Label them as needed using non-cheating related terms
    5. Humanized aimbot

      The cheat menu AIMBOT tab has some options that apply to all configs, then under each of the 4 optional configs, it has options that only apply to that specific config

      Bullet Prediction = aimbot will target a position relative to the enemy to account for bullet drop and movement. We have recently redone our prediction. Inverted X/Y axis should be off in the cheat menu unless you play with inverted settings

      Range = your aimbot will only target enemies within this range. This range modifier is independent from your ESP range modifier

      Config #1-4 = you can set 4 different aimkeys that each have their own aimbot config. For example, you can make mouse 1 (shoot) your automatic weapon config with fullbody deadzone and whatever automatic weapon config you want. Then, you can make thumb mouse your sniper config which would work completely differently. Whenever you press and hold an aimkey, that specific aimbot config will activate until you release the aimkey (this prevents conflicts)

      Hotkey = the keyboard/mouse button that you press and hold to activate this specific aimbot config

      FOV Range = the size of the area around your crosshair which your aimbot will activate. When you press and hold an aimkey, the closest enemy in your FOV to your crosshair will be targeted. Recommended value is 6

      Time to Target (ms) [KBM only] = the amount of time between when you first press and hold your aimkey and being ON target (finished). So the time it takes to go from starting the aimbot to being finished and on target. The higher this value, the slower you will initially target enemies. Recommended value is 400 (ms)

      Lock on Target = when this is ON, an enemy that is targeted with your aimbot will continue to be targeted as long as you keep holding the aimkey, even if you move your aim away from them or they move around fast. When this is OFF, you will be able to move your aim away from the targeted enemy in order to target a different enemy or break your targeting completely. There is no official recommendation for if you should have this ON or OFF

      Target Switch Delay (ms) = the delay after you kill a targeted enemy before a new enemy is targeted (assuming you are still holding your aimkey). Also, if you have Lock on Target OFF, this will handle the re-target delay if you move your aim away from a targeted enemy to another. Recommended value is 500 (ms)

      Smoothness = the humanization algorithm. When this is higher, that means higher humanization. If it's too high, you may feel like you aren't using aimbot at all. It is best to start with the recommended value of 30 and make changes from there. If your aimbot feels too strong, you will want to raise your Smoothness. If it seems too weak, you will want to lower your Smoothness. You can also tweak your other aimbot settings if tweaking Smoothness doesn't seem to be solving your problem

      Stickiness [KBM only] = the higher this is, the more your aimbot will stick to the target and ignore your aim movements. High Stickiness can look blatant, while low Stickiness combined with high Smoothing performs similar to the deadzone feature. Recommended value is 2

      Target Bone = this is the bone of the enemy that your aimbot will target. "Closest" means that your aimbot will target the closest bone to your crosshair. "Random" means that your aimbot will target a random bone (you can edit the chance it will target head below). You can also do the traditional head, neck, chest. Using "Closest" or "Random" is recommended

      If you want to be better against enemies that are head glitching or you don't want to target only one bone, read about deadzones below

      Head Chance % = this is only activated if your Target Bone = Random. This is the % chance that you will target the enemies head. Recommended value equal to or below 20

      Deadzone [KBM only] = Disabled, FOV, or Fullbody. See below for information



      Visible Only = when enabled, your aimbot will only target players that are visible (not behind walls/smokes). Highly recommended to keep this ON

      Track Covered Player = when enabled, your aimbot will keep tracking enemies that were initially visible, but went behind cover while being targeted. Highly recommended to keep this OFF

      Reset Config = resets the currently selected aimbot config to default values
    6. Player ESP, loot ESP, radar overlay

      Most of these settings are self explanatory... let's just talk about the ones that aren't

      PLAYER ESP -> Visible Only = when enabled, only visible enemies will have ESP drawn on them. This can be useful if you don't want to see enemies through walls but want very clear markings on visible enemies. Sometimes if you are preaiming, prefiring, or running at enemies through walls and getting shadow banned, you can use this feature with legit aimbot to correct yourself and build account trust

      PLAYER ESP -> Visible Only Delay = this only appears when Visible Only is ON. The higher your Visible Only Delay, the longer enemies who were recently visible will continue to show on ESP through walls as they go behind cover. A delay of 0 means that ESP will stop immediately when enemies go behind cover

      RADAR -> Auto Adjust = UAV overlay (safe). When enabled, your cheat radar will perfectly overlay your in-game minimap with 1:1 enemy positions automatically
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