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If you are a cheat user, ignore this message. All of our cheats have never been detected & are fine. Spoofers are harder to keep without problems than cheats. We had our first spoofer problem & this announcement addresses that. Never use a spoofer unless you need one.

I updated the spoofer on the day of the anti-cheat changes & testing has gone flawlessly since then. Thank you to the over 50 closed testers!

Sales for the spoofer will remain closed over the weekend, but will open again Monday assuming all goes well & the status would then be UD & updated.


Either way, everyone should delete all spoofer loader files and redownload the new loader from here to ensure auto update does not fail here.

Your first use of the new spoofer will do a new spoof, but you can do "Y" to spoof the same from then on for future spoofs after reboots/shutdowns+boots.


⚠️ Account generators and generated account stocks are being hit harder than ever with the new anti-cheat update earlier this week. Accounts that are mass made and sold by account sellers are flagged & queued to be shadow banned 20-30 minutes after they start being used, with or without cheats. DO NOT USE THESE. If you need a new account, make one with SMSPVA with the following strategy: sign out of BNET, reboot PC, spoof new spoof, make new account and validate with SMSPVA rented or single use # for Blizzard, sign in, play. I have also heard OK things about 5SIM but I have not confirmed. I rent SMSPVA numbers for a week in case I need a follow up code and to ensure only I ever get the phone #, but you can use the one code option if you want. ⚠️

I had a few testers who had problems but it turned out they were just using generated accounts. I also had one who had something left over from a cleaner/perma spoofer they used (NOT from PO) that was DT after the update but I got them to wipe it then it was fine.

You can use existing accounts you have instead of a new one but if you used the spoof between the update and my shutdown of the spoofer the account will probably be SB -> perma since the spoofer was outdated.


I will do my best to detect anti-cheat changes that are large & have the spoofer setup to automatically disable after these updates until I can take a look. I can also set something up with large game updates. This would cause some downtime but it would keep the users safe because usage would not be possible until I updated the spoofer & tested it in any case of an anti-cheat change that may or may not make my spoofer outdated.

This will be a process but I will do my best to prevent this in the future. Spoofers are extremely hard to keep updated real time because the anti-cheat can change what they grab & how whenever they want, or add new tracers. It's a lot of hard work but this is what I'm good at & love to do so I'm ready for the work.

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5 minutes ago, Schwarz said:

Hi i would love to test the spoofer since most got hit and are not working. Im looking for a new spoofer for me 🙂

Is it possible to get access to the open testing?

Make a ticket with the request & we can maybe allow you to buy it before sales open again Sunday/Monday. Otherwise you could wait until then as well.

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