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Spoofer Compatibility



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14 hours ago, YeezY said:

Hey I hear the spoofer is really good and compatible with any cheats. Is it compatible with AA's cheat? Also has yalls cheat been undetected for awhile? Thanks in advanced.

yes it does work with AA . me personally use it and many other friends since the past few days. 

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On 4/15/2022 at 12:07 PM, fakester said:

duhh they have a fat rat in there shit

I am gonna have to vouch on this, there was some wannabe of HelioS going around and Tydus knew the kid was a client. He showed the kid all of his files and it was only because of AA, no other reason. I am gonna have to vouch on this, and so could many from EpicPVPers, Tydus would even get defensive if he was asked this. It is quite funny, but a huge reason why I stopped using them and why others have.

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