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The Phantom Overlay COD Spoofer is here!


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For 28 eur per month (18 eur per month for lifetime users), you may now dominate Call of Duty to your liking with the Phantom Overlay Call of Duty spoofer.

The spoofer changes your identifiers before and as COD's anti-cheat requests them, handing back spoofed values to keep your true HWID protected, or to hide your banned HWID. Any tracers left by COD will always be cleaned as well, and this will be updated over time as well as what identifiers and methods for grabbing identifiers are at play.

Since Phantom Overlay cheats have never been detected, we don't expect most of our users will need this, but the spoofer works with any cheat, so we suspect rage provider users will have a blast. There are obviously many circumstances in which the spoofer could be necessary other than the listed example, of course. It's a personal choice.

Read more information about when to use spoofers and how they work in the COD Cheating Bible.

Here are the details for compatibility & features:



Do not use spoofer for non-COD games! This spoofer is made and updated specifically for COD!

Works with any cheat, including any cheat not from Phantom Overlay
Windows 10 2004, 20H2, 21H1, and 21H2 (all latest versions)
Windows 11 21H2 (all versions)
No Windows format required
Call of Duty MW2019 fully spoof all required identifiers and clean if applicable
Call of Duty Warzone fully spoof all required identifiers and clean if applicable
Call of Duty BOCW fully spoof all required identifiers and clean if applicable
Call of Duty Vanguard fully spoof all required identifiers and clean if applicable
Ricochet Anti-Cheat fully supported
Intel and AMD both supported
NVIDIA and Radeon both supported
All PCs and laptops supported


  • No Windows format required, the spoofer cleans anything necessary! Just run the exe
  • We update our spoofer as the anti-cheat changes in terms of what identifiers it bans based upon & how it grabs them
  • We update out spoofer as the anti-cheat changes what trace files or markers, if any, it leaves on your device
  • Our spoofer auto updates so that you can focus on doing what you do best
  • Our spoofer allows you to keep the same set of identifiers in your spoofing "profile" so that you have the same identifiers each time you spoof
  • If you want new identifiers aka a new spoofing "profile", our spoofer allows you to make one easily so that you are spoofing on a new set of identifiers
  • Supports COD MW2019, Warzone, BOCW and Vanguard, Ricochet, Windows 10, Windows 11, all PC/laptop hardware, and works with cheats not made by Phantom Overlay
  • Simple and easy one time spoofer usage. Run the loader, spoof, done. The spoof is killed when you reboot your PC
  • Our spoofer returns spoofed identifiers when the calls come for identifiers from the anti-cheat real time. Completely clean process that leaves no trace
  • No trace of spoofer after PC reboot. All identifiers will be original values
  • Inject your cheat before you use the spoofer. Reboot PC/laptop after done cheating to kill spoof. Follow spoofer guide (available after purchase) for more information


Here is the spoofer purchase page:

There are also bundles for all COD cheats for the 30 day options. Lifetime users can purchase for cheaper from the lifetime store (see store page if lifetime).

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