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Need Help with an old SB acc. I am new here


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I got SB in my main acc last year for using only 10 minute a fking unlock Tool and UAV Tool. I used no cheats on that account and it is a new brand PC.

Now I made a new acc to see if I am still SB, but I am cool and safe, I played a couple hours and no issues! 

I wanna start with PO, but with my old acc because I have level on my guns, but it is safe to do that??

The new acc that I made don't have a shit...it's horrible to play like that...with no guns level.

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If you really value your main account I'd recommend you don't use cheats with it. With the changes to WZ's anticheat it's possible you could be banned for player reports, using your aimbot too obviously, or drastic stat changes over a short period of time. Security is our priority and I'm confident our cheat will remain undetected. But you're still better off using an alt account if you value your main.

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You're 100% right. I never used any cheat on that old account. The stats are normal, I'm not a savage playing either. I did not wanted to risk with a cheat provider, but I made the mistake of using that stupid unlock Tool and for this I received the SB .... I don't think I have received reports...I am not a beast as a player, it was only Tool detection...100%.

Now, with the new account it is at 0 level at all.... it has nothing ? It is clear that my target is to still playing as natural as possible, I don't like to rage. Don't you think that when I will use PO with a new fresh account, it is not also risky (they can check my stats) and still report me for simply being an fresh account...think about it...such a smart guy playing so smart at the first day in CoD?

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