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Horrible lag, honestly unplayable, very unimpressed and need support, not even getting replies


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Been waiting for 12+hours from a message from support. At this point I'm extremely displeased with the cheat, as its lag is unbearable compared to when not using it. Probably going to switch to a different provider and get my lifetime elsewhere if I won't get support to get this fixed.

When using phantom i don't see any frame rate drops nor drop in frames in general, however the game feels noticeably more laggy and way less smooth. The difference is almost unplayable in comparison to when i'm not using phantom. Could there be an issue I've got specifically thats causing this, as i'm sure phantom can't be this badly optimised considering its number of users? Help would be appreciated.

Any troubleshooting tips? Using a USB like you guys said for more security, could that be the reason?

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IDK what game you talking about but I have with Warzone no problems at all and I can play with or without PO with 180+fps and no lags.

What USB are you using? A new model? Idk if this could be the problem because after the injection you unplug it

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