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PO spoofer?


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5 minutes ago, Zombie said:

Just wondering if PO had a spoofer built in, I’m already banned HWID. I couldn’t find an answer.  Thank you

Hello, first of all welcome!

Sadly PO doesn't provide spoofer and PO had never a detection and there's no need for spoofer here.

If you are HWID banned, I recommend you to buy new PC parts or use cleaner, Cynical Cleaner is pretty much recommended for HWID bans, would be worth a try.

Otherwise, PO can't help you with that, sorry.

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1 hour ago, Zombie said:

Ok I will look into the cleaner, thank you. PO was my first choice but I went with another cheat that had a spoofer, but very few features. I am looking to switch to something better.

PO doesn't have many features either, it's simply made cheat, but has high security.

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