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pre purchase questions



Hi, I am rly glad to be here, been watching this wonderful provider for quite some time. 

I have few questions regarding settings. 

1) Is it possible to put PO radar over the game radar, so it is easier to monitor everything, and to have "cleaner" screen, less stuff on screen is better for legit gaming, if you ask me. 

2) In description, PO says this software has little impact on preformance of your game, as I am running game "clean" with 120 frames, and running it with some other provider, I have 90-100 so this is actually pretty huge impact. So I would like to know how many frames it takes ?  

3) I am trying to be legit player, only using visual help, does PO have option to "customize" boxes of esp ? I would like to use thin line of box around enemy players, without names, distance etc, smaller and less visible line, better, it helps me play as much legit as I can. If it could be "broken line" around the enemy, even better, I don't know how you say it in English ?

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1. You can put PO radar over the game radar, but it will not look the same as the game radar, you can make the transparency 100/100 so you won't see the black circle, but only the small points of where enemys are, the PO radar doesn't fit exactly the size and doesn't show exactly the same place as the original radar due to it not being exactly the same as game radar.


2. I didn't realize any impacts, I run at 100 fps without PO and run at 97-100 with PO.


3. You can disable names, distance or even the box itself. PO has Box only, no skeletons or anything like that, simple made, box, distance and names.

You cannot customize the lines of the boxes, you can only put a full grey filling in the esp box or disable it. 

You can also change the box colours of visible and non visible enemy and the max distance from 50 to 500

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