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??? Vanguard Warnings ???


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We have new server side changes that will look to catch rage cheaters (even if you are using an undetected cheat). I suspect aimbot will be highly targeted. So will recoil and other rage features. Most of all, unlock services. These are just my predictions.

These server side changes are active in Vanguard now. Warzone later. Ricochet comes December and later.

November 5: Server-Side updates in Vanguard
December 2: Server-Side updates in Warzone
December 2: PC kernel-level driver in Warzone
Coming Soon: PC kernel-level driver in Vanguard


⚠️ Do not run Vanguard (even without cheats) if you are actively banned in any way on Warzone without spoofing properly or taking the same precautions you would if booting Warzone. Warzone bans carry over to Vanguard. It goes both ways. Spoofers/methods that work for Warzone should work for Vanguard. There are plenty of third party spoofers that work. Only spoof if you have to. Do a test with Warzone before you try with Vanguard since Warzone is free. Make your own accounts (do not buy pre-made accounts they ban wave those stocks), use a real phone (of friend or family) or SMSPVA for phone verification, do not use a VPN to buy for a cheaper price, change your IP/payment info if you have been banned many times, make new accounts after the spoofing process is done to ensure your new account is clean. You know the drill.

⚠️ If you want to be safe, do not use any cheats until a few days go by. PO will allow injections earlier but it is still recommended you wait. There will be a mandatory testing period & then an optional one. Vanguard is not a free game so don't play yourself.

⚠️ Do not use any aimbot or recoil/rage features from any provider for the first long while. These server side changes will be tracking down rage cheaters & they are active in Vanguard immediately (not active for Warzone until later). Just use ESP and radar if you have a valuable account. Even with PO aimbot these server side changes may catch you. We do not know until we test!

⚠️ Avoid rage providers, avoid providers with any detection history, it's better to stick with one to not double risk (I think you know who I recommend).

⚠️ Avoid any boosting or unlock services for now. There are certainly reputable ones but they will be targeting these and so you should let them test. Be the last one to cross the double glass bridge. Get your unlocks through spanking cheeks with ESP/radar.


Keep an eye on announcements for more urgent pieces of info...


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