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Few pre sale questions



Is PO aimbot bullet prediction good with sniping over long distance?
Does it have loot esp?
Can I save my setting or switch between low and high smoothing quickly (ideally on the fly)? For long range and close quarter encounters?

Does PO support streaming via capture card, HDMI loop?

Is vis check really working in warzone?

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1. The prediction has been pretty good in my usage. I'm not much of a sniper myself but the few times I've pulled one out it's helped me. Of course you may need to play around with all the aimbot settings to see what works best for you. 

2. No, there is not loot ESP. 

3. The only "saving" of settings is that you settings will save as long as you dont power off your computer. There currently isn't a profile system in place or anything like that which would allow you to swap between preset settings on the fly. I however find it very quick and easy to manually adjust my settings to my liking in-game.

4. I do not have any experience with streaming using PO, but from what I have seen it is streamproof in nearly every scenario. 

5. Visability check is working in MW/Warzone and Vangaurd but does not exist in Cold War to my knowledge. 


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