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Join our Telegram! Our Discord was deleted by Discord!


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The Phantom Overlay Discord server was deleted by Discord for violating their rules against servers related to video game cheating.

It is very likely that we will stay on Telegram from now on for the needs that Discord filled, because if we make a new Discord, it will eventually just get deleted again.

Our Telegram announcements channel (same as #announcements for Discord): https://t.me/PhantomOverlayAnnouncements

Our Telegram group chat (same as #general for Discord): https://t.me/PhantomOverlayChat

Telegram is an app for your phone and/or PC & requires a phone number to sign up. If you don't want to put in your phone #, you can use SMSPVA or something like Google Voice.

But, Telegram is fine with your real phone #. I trust it fully. Just make sure to go to Settings > Privacy and Security > Phone Number > Nobody so that no one can ever see it.

Thanks for working with us!

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