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Multiple Aimkey (Sniper key, ADS key & Trigger key)

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Bonjour PO,

I was wondering if it will be possible to use multiple aimkey like SHIFT, LButton and RButton to have different setting on

For example :

SHIFT for sniping Key ; 3 FOV - 15-16 Smoothing

- RButton for aiming like Aim Assist on controller ; 2 FOV - 4-5 Smoothing

- LButton to stick a bit more the target than RButton key ; 2 FOV - 8 Smoothing


It could be a good idea if we can modify by a keybind cfg file & config file for Aimbot and key settings

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17 hours ago, bconti09 said:

Would I be able to edit the aim? To pretty much only aim at certain areas?

And not only at head, and not following unvisible people that are behind walls for example. With controller?

You can always edit the menu, you of course need macro for Controller, ex. ReWASD.

If you change the menu settings, you won't track enemies behind walls and so on.

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