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Best CW Zombies XP Method

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I just bought the CW Zombies cheat and it works flawlessly. Does anyone know or have any recommendations on what the best XP farm method is for just regular levels not so much weapon XP levels. If you know a method for both account level and weapon level that would be dope.

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So I did some playing around with different maps and can say it really does give diff xp for diff maps. the best thing to do is play outbreak and only do three obj/areas it gives way more xp.

The only problems is sometimes it can bug when bosses spawn and they can get stuck in immune if this happens just down your self and start over doesn't happen that often in the first 3 obj/areas.  went from doing 10 rounds on other maps and getting like 3 weapon lvls up until weapon lvl 30 or 40  after these high weapon lvls it drops to only like 1 weapon lvl every time you do 10 rounds extract and once weapon gets to like lvl 50 it doesn't even give you a full lvl but outbreak will.

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