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Will Call of Duty add a new COD anti-cheat tomorrow ❓


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The Call of Duty Twitter account recently decided that being 0-15 was a good position to start talking wild, and seems to claim that COD will see its new awaited COD anti-cheat starting tomorrow.


"See you tomorrow" is the title of the tweet, leading many to believe that the brand is no longer wasting time on cubical crawls & instead has brought focus to the cheating "problem."

If the new COD anti-cheat does indeed come tomorrow as COD has hinted, expect the Phantom Overlay loader to shut off until I take a look and properly deal with it. Sub time will be paused during this time.

Also expect that any other service or product you use might be detected or might stop working. It may take awhile for spoofers to add support and other products or services may result in bans after the implementation. The new AC will likely operate differently with tracers & HWID identifiers, so expect spoofers to take awhile to catch up. I think INFINITE will be the first to do so.

Those of you who use multiple products, spoofers, or services should probably not boot the game after the new COD anti-cheat implementation until you get a clear + testing from your providers. Some of you may even begin that process now since other services likely don't have auto-shut off protections like Phantom Overlay does. They can change the COD anti-cheat anytime they want including without a visible update.

Not everyone is as secure & careful as us, so be cautious. ?

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So they have released another tweet saying the anti cheat will come with the Pacific update. Thankfully they said how it will work and what type of anticheat so @zebleer can bypass it or do research or already know how it will affect us?

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