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Bypass for a easy Hackshild


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I need a "tool" or a procedure to bypass the hackshild of a game ("https://jftse.com/) (It is a quite simple game). The hackshild "jftse.dll" of the game recognizes changes of the game files, which I have changed by means of a resource tool (https://github.com/sstokic-tgm/FT-ResTool). This is a game which was programmed with C or C++ as far as I know. The game is run by a third party on a private server. Game client etc. were not programmed by this third party, only the new launcher with its configuration file and the hackshild "Jftse.dll". My goal is to edit the resources of the game client and run the game successfully with Hackshild. Without the Hackshild no connection to the server is possible. Hackshild and Launcher detect changes in the game file and fix them. A bypass of the launcher is already possible by creating a shortcut to the game client (adding an "s" at the end of the execution path). 

i would be happy to get some offers from you guys :)

Links for the Game and open source files:

https://jftse.com/ Game web side

https://github.com/sstokic-tgm/JFTSE open source code for the game Server

https://github.com/sstokic-tgm/FT-ResTool open source code for the Resource-tool to chnge the game files

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