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The first game ever you used hacks


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Like the title says what's your first ever game you used hacks and did you got eventually banned. Don't need to mention the provider also do not include consoles games that uses cheat codes as its not really using hacks. I will start.

The first game I ever used hacks was counter strike: source and it was a public hack and ofcourse I did got banned for using it within 1 week and had to buy new steam account.

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On 10/7/2021 at 4:41 PM, AttilaWarezHack said:

Excluding consoles games, Gunz The Duel ( and its various versions ), and Counter Strike Source too got banned one time

Man i remember hacking in gunz the duel. I used were you have this yellow thing around you and you pretty much godlike and sucking people into you damages them lol.

Fun times, i am glad you reminded me of that game haha.

Also UT99 i never played it but thats classic.


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