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Just come here to say hi. Looking forward on getting premium access. Just waiting to get my alienware should be shipped within a month. I might get access sooner because planning on getting life time. Currently working but enrolled in college for IT, will try to balance both. 

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7 hours ago, UAsniperz said:

Thank you. I never used telegram but I made an acc and join you guys.

Welcome, Hope you enjoy it here and stick around ?


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Thanks a lot. That's is the plan. I can't wait to get my laptop and get the sub. That my first windows in about maybe more then 5 years. I used/use Imac.

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Yes agree. Now my imac a bit older but still beast how fast it is, but like you said it sucks for gaming and mods. Man I am so exited for my alienware to come in. Hopefully it be soon.

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