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[Guide] ? Minimize Your Chance Of Being Banned. "1.0"


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? What can get you SB "Shadow-Banned" & HWID Banned?

The most known and common reason when it comes to getting banned from a FPS game such as Modern Warfare or even others in the genre such as PUBG, Overwatch and Valorant, is auto aiming through third party software. Apart from aim-botting, here are a few other common reasons, as per Activision’s Terms of Use, and perhaps Ravens new AntiCheat "Vanguard". Which a player could get his CoD account banned, also these offenses cannot be assisted if the ban is legitimate:

  • Use of any other third party software (other than change of off-sets), such as bots or automation tools for certain tasks.
  • Using glitches, bugs or exploits to gain unfair advantages over other players.
  • Toxicity, harassment or any other similar behaviour that would offend other players.
  • Sharing your account with other players, especially for the purpose of boosting.

Bottom line is, as long as you keep clear of the above mentioned, you should be golden, although there are cases of false positive bans, so with that in mind, let’s get to the next part of the guide, namely how do their ban system work.

? How des CoDs trust-score & report system work?

Most FPS games mainly have a statistic module for every player that's registered. Perhaps CoD has this, and it is supported with an API which means everyone has access to
track and watch your profile statistics. These stats contain match history such as Eliminations / Deaths, Wins, Playtime and more. They can then be used by an individual that's researching and resulting your profile receiving a punishment. You will be wanting to balance your account if you are trying to not be banned, as we call that CLOSET cheating. As an example, a fresh account that hasn't had any form of experience, cannot reach 40 eliminations each round nor match. This is therefor a very high factor when it comes to staying under the radar and being legitimate when using a third-party software. Here's a list of different factors that alters your Trust Score.

  • 65% Increased amount of eliminations.
  • Higher E/D & K/D of 4.0 -
  • Multi Wall-Bang kills, (Visual Suspicion) -
  • Tracing players behind walls if using ESP.

? What is the difference between a Shadow Ban & HWID Ban?

Players come across shadow bans when they've been detected in some sort of investigation. You get put in a single proxy which is only accessible by Shadow Banned players, or you could say "Rule breakers against each other". These can vary from the different factors you're account has been punished with. Usually these Shadow Bans last 7 - 14 days. Which thereafter the final result of the account will be chosen by Activision. Which is either a HWID ban or a unban and resulting your account on being placed back in the normal lobbies.

? How do I chose the right third-party software?

Choosing the right tool is very important, making sure that you have access to a undetected software is the most important factor. Using detected or open sourced cheats are heavily risking on your account being permanently banned.  But how do you know which ones are detected or undetected? For the most there is a status tab on the sellers websites. They update the page when the status changes, but it happens to be not done correctly. Because keep in mind, they are trying to sell they're product so therefor many services do not change their status when it happens to be detected. That leaves us out to other customers vouches and reputation, it is very important to check out any reviews or vouches by other members and get their feedback and idea on how their experience is with the specific software. After all it is very important to make sure that the service you chose qualifies for your needs. 





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this is damn simple so damn simple, don't use aimbot only use ESP
and when u use the esp, don't be to obv play modes with no kill cam like hardcore
don't prefire all the time, i have only gotten banned by detetions i had about 8-10kd 
in almost every cod game, i have 10k hrs in rust always hacked only banned after detections. 

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