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Aimbot not working on controller


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I’ve done all of this and aimbot is not working on controller for many people I’ve seen any fix to this ? 



First — ensure this is / has been done correctly



Ensure you are following the below in regards to downloading a new loader


1) Remove all loaders from your downloads, USB, & recycle bin

2) Clear history, cookies, and cache

3) Restart PC


4) Download new loader to USB

5) Eject USB

6) Again clear history, cookies, and cache

7) Restart PC a 2nd time

😎 enjoy new loader





Controller Support


ℹ️ Controller support requires the latest loader

ℹ️ You must Restart your PC before injecting again if you are going to change between having the controller support checkbox checked or not. Otherwise, you will experience bugs

ℹ️ PlayStation controllers require DS4 to be running, you do not have to configure anything.




1️⃣ Connect controller to PC

2️⃣ Run latest loader

3️⃣ After key input, check the controller support checkbox and inject

I’ve done all that and I cannot get my aimbot to work before the update today it was working fine 

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tbh i jsut bought this and the aim bot is working at all for me ither im confused on what to do?

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  • Administrator

There was a bug where the aimbot wasn't working on controller on Steam. This has been fixed.

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