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DMA chip card , only 1 PCI-E Slot for gpu


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Hi everyone. 

I'm new to this forum, dma cheats in general.  I'm currently playing warzone. 

I'm interested in the ESP only and was looking to get started on the hardware side with  the CaptainDMA  75T Card. 

My main gaming pc is an ITX SFF system, itx motherboards only have one PCI-E slot which is currently in use by my 4080 gpu so I will not be able to insert the DMA card. Is there an adapter or any workaround for this? Other than upgrading my motherboard form factor and case so I can have multiple PCI-E slots, for gpu and the dma card.

My other systems are all gaming laptops which will suit the purpose for the secondary cheat system but obviously i wound't be able to use the card in them either. 


If no workaround I might just upgrade to mATX board for an extra slot. 


Edit: I do have spare m.2 slots. Would I be able to get similar results for If I use an m.2 dma like this one?   https://captaindma.com/product/captain-dma-m-2/

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never mind, after more research, its definitely an alternative using the m.2 version so i won't need to upgrade main rig. Sorry for the useless question. 

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