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Can't get aimbot to work


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Hi guys, I'm new here, managed to download, sort everything out as it should be, loaded up zombies to get a little feel for the esp and aimbot, but the aimbot isn't working, i've pressed F4 and gone down through the list to make sure all is fine, but yet its just not locking onto zombies, even when I'm aiming pretty close to them.

anyone able to give me a hand?

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You're using a controller? Are you using it natively or with something to remap it to keyboard and mouse input? The menu doesn't natively support controller input, and I vaguely remember reading someone mention having some issues getting remap software to work with the menu.

Best thing I can think to suggest is bind it to something on the edge of your keyboard and just weight the key down, see if that works. 

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1 minute ago, BlackElement422 said:

@P13Mine won't work at all and im using keyboard and mouse

Might be an issue with aimbot in general then. There was a recent game update, was there not? Might just be a feature that didn't auto update. Submit a ticket and wait it out.

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8 hours ago, DeviantCoderz said:

My zombies aimbot and all features are not working on keyboard and mouse. I believe that zeb is working on it from what i saw in another post so at this point i wouldn't bother using it until we see an update from him.

Cheat is back up, put in a ticket for compensation. 

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