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We dodged a detection! Other providers will be affected


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Ricochet has methods to change their anti-cheat without updating their driver or game files. I am aware of these methods and I have had security trips in place to monitor them since last year.

A few hours ago, Ricochet pushed detections through their server without the need to update the game/driver. My trip system caught this change, and injections were automatically turned off.

After evaluation of the anti-cheat changes, I have concluded that Phantom Overlay was one of the intended targets of these anti-cheat changes.

I have already made changes to my cheat to dodge this detection.

Good news:
- Cheat is good to use, fully undetected, and my system will continue to monitor any future anti-cheat changes to protect your accounts.
⚠️ Bad news:
- If you were actively injected and playing when the anti-cheat changed, it may have logged you as a PO user before my trip system took measures to protect you. We will have to see if Ricochet logged any PO users in the coming days (they will issue bans), but the good news is that I at least 99% dodged this detection either way.

EDIT: I can fully confirm that I 100% dodged the detection. There were no bans over this and there never will be

I will code a better system to activate on injected users for future anti-cheat changes. It is hard to protect against that because the changes can happen so fast & I do not want to be too invasive.

EDIT: This has been done

At least with PO you know that I am on top of things like this. I saw that no other providers noticed this silent anti-cheat change (until I announced about it) and who knows how many other providers this silent anti-cheat changing system will affect.

ℹ️ Init error 3 = Restart PC before you do anything. Do not play the game until PC Restarted. This is for anti-cheat security.

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I can fully confirm that I 100% dodged the detection. There were no bans over this and there never will be

I have altered my system to fully protect anyone actively injected when the silent anticheat updates come

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