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Init Error 1001?


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Every time I try to load I get an error init 1001. Has been happening to my friend since last night too, haven't been able to use in over 12 hours. 

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Same here, redownloaded but when i start the loader windows kind of freezes until it gets an inot error with no code. Tool wont load in the hub if i get into the game. edit: counter strike 2. worked yesterday.

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49 minutes ago, thana said:

same here... i try to connect but everytime say init error 1001

This error should be fixed now. Redownload the loader from the website. However keep in mind that the devs are manually updating the cheat for the latest Warzone/MW3 update, so you will get a "Game version not supported" error for now

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The cheat has been updated, let us know if you still have any issues.

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