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Account Help With Shabow Ban


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My old main account was perma banned. I have my new main account in shadow ban from another cheat provider. That came with built in hwid spoofer and blocker. That means my main account probably has a bunch of hwid's registered to it, which means low confidence rate. I made a new account without spoofer and that was shadowbanned as well. I played legit on the new account and then used the cheats from the other provider. This makes me fear that the new account also has similar HWid registered to it as my main account from when I played legit without hwid spoofer. I am kind of confused as to what the best course of action from this point would be. Should I just not play on my main account at all after the shadowban lifts? or should I stick with my main account and try to get the confidence score up? I don't want to lose the main account.

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