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Cheats stop working midgame


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Hey! I love the product so far but I have a issue that I've ran into. Sometimes (not very often) my cheats just goes away. It happends randomly and I can't see ESP or the menu after it happends. I've followed all the step in the when I configured the cheats for the first time and I am on full screen boarderless. Is there any steps that I can do prevent this from happening or a way to reload the cheats without restarting my pc and rebooting the game?


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1 hour ago, Mute said:

That seems weird, I would try reinstalling redistribution’s and dx with the hope it will work fine after that.

I will try that, thanks

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Do you have the newest loader ? 

Do you acidentally hitting SHIFT + END ? This will close the cheat (panic button). You can press SHIFT + END again to make it work again.

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