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Guide to avoid some reports in Call of Duty and enjoy Phantom Overlay more


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Hello, I took the time to create this little guide to help those who cheat and avoid some reports from players like "kids, sore losers, and people who report just because"
You have to follow and study this to apply it while you are playing.

1.-Do you want to deactivate an enemy killcam? - When an enemy is down on the ground (DO NOT FINISH HIM), it is better to interrogate him and leave him there for a considerable time. This will make his killcam not show and that way you will get your way.
2.- Always avoid eliminating the last member of a Squad. Call of Duty has that function that if you eliminate the last member of the squad. The game will make the 4 of that team look at you for a while before they leave the LOBBY. (Be careful)
3.- Never Never kill the same player 3 or more times. 90% reporting is guaranteed
4.- If you eliminate a player and hear on DEADCHAT "he is cheating" get out of there and don't fight them. Whatever you do, if you wipe them they will report you (it is better to be smart and keep the account for a few more days than to be shadowbaned and wait 7 days)
5.- Not following enemies through walls does not mean that you are free from reports. - this is a mistake that everyone thinks they do right "if I don't follow it through the walls they won't know I have a wallhack" ERROR the killcam lasts 11 seconds. 4 seconds before the fight and 4 seconds after the fight. The seconds 5,6,7 is where you see that you kill the player. Just run towards their position and that will be enough for them to report you. MY ADVICE IS (always look to the sides before you eliminate them. That strategy never fails)
6.- MARK. In Warzone 3 the marks are now seen on the killcams. When you eliminate someone, always mark them, this will give you the psychological advantage of the eliminated rival player that when he sees his killcam and sees the mark on him, he will remove the killcam immediately since he accepts that he was marked (it never fails).
7.- One piece of advice I would give (very few use it) is that if you have more than 5 or 6 people watching you in the middle of a game. Better leave that game and save your account from a sb. It is better to lose that game than to be sb. don't you think? I have noticed that what that "spectating eye" in the corner of the monitor does is harm the player, no matter if you are legitimate. since the person when he sees that you have 7 or 8 looking at you. They will automatically think that you are cheating and will report you.

For now these are the most important tips I know. If I discover or apply other maneuvers I will share them! ? understand if they give you a lot of shadowban IT IS NOT PHANTOM OVERLAY fault. It's your way of playing that is very obvious. 

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