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Mw3 controller support



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  • Controller support. To expand, controller support is not built into the cheat natively, only support for keyboard and mouse is. But, if you use a controller, you would use the game settings to setup your input for playing the game with KBM, then use a remapping software to map your aim key that you set from keyboard or mouse to your controller (sort of like forwarding it). With this, you can use controller and even activate your aimbot key with it as well. A tutorial for this setup will be provided to you in the Customer Area after your purchase. The reason native or anti mirco controller support is not a feature is that we do not use view angles for our aimbots, nor are we internal. We are very external and want to seek out the most security possible for our users, which means not using view angles for our aimbots, as those have been targeted by anti-cheats such as EAC recently and even Ricochet has started shadow banning users of view angle aimbots on KBM. They also look less legitimate compared to what we do with our aimbots. If you don't use aimbot, you can use controller as your input, and simply use ESP/radar only with that setup and aim assist activated.



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