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simple suggestion for additions


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I don't know where to go for suggestions so I'm doing that here


-first suggestion
 increase in fov for example instead of being able to be blocked at 120 being able to put 140, 150, I know that on w1 it was possible on other suppliers

-maybe review the menu for a more "beautiful" visual, this one is good, everything is in its place but visually not great

-possibility of making profiles example (rage, safe) I know that there is already profile import, but it would be much smoother for users to have the possibility of making profiles


-my opinion on po

security takes precedence over the content there is on the cheat but there is already everything you need in it, after an update the cheat is directly available to users in any case for call of duty
I was on another provider on mw2 and I was often shadowbanned even on an account that was several years old and the cheat was not available at least 1-2 weeks after an update and the security was not ultimately not great so concretely nothing to do with po my account is recent and my shadowban was due to myself and the temptation to only make good stats, the fact that it is an "external" cheat undoubtedly improves the fact of being undetectable, my opinion is not intended to have a reduction or other of this kind if you want a cheat with the minimum and exactly what you need for cheat po is clearly there as for the services of the admins they respond when they have the answer and are always there to help you if you file a ticket I will continue my subscription without hesitation

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